Enhancing Teaching and Learning Through Technology- Andy Dolinski

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<p>Enhancing Teaching and Learning Through Technology</p> <p>Delivering Outstanding Lessons with Google Apps and realsmartcloudAndy DolinskiBosworth Academy</p> <p>Three questions I ask myselfWhat do I need to do?</p> <p>Is there a way technology can save me time?</p> <p>Will this force the students work harder than me?</p> <p>Build your bridge!Create learning structures to bridge the chasm.</p> <p>No different to a traditional VLE setup!</p> <p>Find a bridge that works for youNew to the Google platform - Google Classroom.</p> <p>A pinch of collaborationFind ways of exploiting collaborative tools.</p> <p>Give students commenting rights to your resources. This makes a resource a living document!</p> <p>Ideas</p> <p>Video lessonsVideo FeedbackPeer ReviewAlternative to written work</p> <p>Questions?adolinski@bosworthacademy.org.ukyoutube.com/andydolinski</p>


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