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  • 1. Characterization for Yeye(S.T.E.A.L framework) Done by:Chia Wei,Jasper,Lucian,Abel and Ao shen
  • 2. Yeyes Health Speech:Read me the newspaper, Yeye said .The newsprint here in Hong Kong is definitely smaller. I can hardly read the papers with my glasses. My doctor says its due to my diabetes. Lately , Im also having trouble hearing.(extracted from pg 169 middle of the page) When yeye says that he can hardly read the newspaper with his glasses due to diabetes,it shows that his health is deteriorating
  • 3. Thoughts:Of course ! It was defeat. Ye Ye had given up(pg 168) This sentence shows the thought of Adeline thinking that yeye had already shown defeat after he what he said on page 169
  • 4. Effect:He died(pg 213) The effect of his bad health was that he died in the later part of the story
  • 5. Action: Scooped the pork ribs into his bowl when he is not allowed to have it He does not think that there is any point of living if he cannot even enjoy what he loves to eat so he just scooped the pork ribs into his bowl just to fulfill his desire for it
  • 6. Looks:none