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Visual Representation powerpoint for "The Wayfinding Handbook" by David Gibson


  • 1. Preliminary Questions Have you ever been lost? How did you find your way back? This book demystifies the fascinating process of providingthe necessary clues and environmental information that helppeople orient themselves and intuitively find their way(Gibson 6).

2. What is Wayfinding? Environmental design Architectural design 3. Origins of Wayfinding Development of new cities Organization of new cultures, needs, societal andpolitical changes Effective communication through use of diagrams,books, sign systems, symbols, etc. 4. The Works of Wayfinding Markets: Large centers for transportation, education andhealthcare, where effective and efficient signage iscrucial; on the other are sports arenas, hotels, andmixed-use developments where good wayfinding cansupport a rich customer experience (Gibson 18). 5. Why Wayfinding is Needed To adapt to everyone (citizens and visitors) To develop effective communication To increase accurate navigation To develop communities 6. The Wayfinding DesignProcess Planning Research and Analysis Strategy Programming Design Schemetic Design Design Development Construction Documentation Implementation Bid Support Construction Administration 7. Wayfinding Design Branding and Placemaking Typography and Layout Color Symbols and Maps Forms, Materials and Media Green Design for Sustainability 8. Practical Considerations To implement a new wayfinding system: Voice all opinions Need funding and support Weigh out options in an objective manner 9. Discussion How does this relate to the concepts we have beendiscussing in class? Information design Usability Others? What skills from Professional Writing are necessary orwill help you with a career in wayfinding?


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