Engaging with Learners: SQA's experience

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Powerpoint by Martyn Ware of SQA at the Assessment Summit at SQA Glasgow, 20th March 2014.

Text of Engaging with Learners: SQA's experience

  • 1. Engaging with learners: SQAs experience The Assessment Summit: Hearing the Student Voice Thursday 20 March 2014 Martyn Ware Head of Assessment Development and Delivery

2. About SQA National awarding body 700 staff, 60m turnover Offices in Glasgow and Dalkeith Qualifications for schools, colleges and training providers Offer products and services across the UK and internationally Accreditation 3. Engaging with learners Overviews Ongoing engagement Services for learners - Website - Results services plus - Formative assessment 4. Initial overview surveys Undertaken in 2006 and 2008 Finding out what candidates views of the qualifications they were undertaking Two areas: -general questions, covering motivations, satisfaction, use of technology and attitudes to assessment -specific to the qualification type 5. Main findings - 2008 Improving employment prospects, personal development and interest were important motivating factors Almost all candidates felt their qualifications would help them achieve their goals Most NQ candidates and a significant proportion of SVQ and HNC/D candidates intend to complete other SQA qualifications in the future In general candidates do not believe assessment is an excessive burden The amount of work in qualifications is about right A majority of candidates support increased use of technology in assessment and learning Most candidates enjoyed and were satisfied with their qualifications 6. Continued engagement Ongoing programme of stakeholder research includes annual engagement with learners Feedback on SQA generally and on specific, current issues e.g. SQC Ad hoc engagement on specific issues e.g. forum for comments on exams, trials of new e- assessment approaches 7. www.sqa.org.uk Learners now recognised as key user group Information specifically for learners Distinguish between centre type Provides links to other services 8. 2012 2013 MySQA NQ candidates 45 849 46 037 Other candidates 76 718 102 004 App downloads Exam timetable 37 702 57 612 Study planner 36 752 57 733 9. OpenAssess Formative assessment content Available for a range of qualifications Free to access Includes feedback Designed to support learning, not as exam practice Link to website 10. Conclusions SQA has a strong record of engaging with learners We recognise the importance of informing and influencing Importance of engagement on the right terms and in the right places Services are generally well received and used 11. Thank you Martyn.ware@sqa.org.uk