Engaging Students Virtually Throughout the Enrollment Cycle

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  • 1. Live Where Your Audiences Live:Engaging Students Virtually Throughout theEnrollment CycleMarty Bennett, Manager of International PartnershipsCollegeWeekLiveMary Ellen Brewick, Director of International Marketing & RecruitmentUniversity of IdahoJason Hall, International Marketing & Recruitment ManagerOregon State University

2. Marty BennettManager of International Partnerships, CollegeWeekLive@CWLIntl@martybennett 3. Overview2nd Annual Study on theExpectations of International Students What motivates (and prevents) internationalstudents to attend a foreign university? What interactions influence international studentschoice of university? Which aspects of the enrollment process dointernational students need the most help with? How can admissions capture the attention ofinternational students & their families 4. About the respondentsMore than 2,400respondents from164 countries 5. Institutional brand #1 reason to study abroadWhat factors influence the decision to attend university outside of the home0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%Parents studied abroadNo graduate education opportunties in home countryAvoid home country tests and requirementsNo post-undergrad career oportunitiesNo post-high school career opportunitiesSiblings studied abroadGovernment fundingInterested in studying with particular professorNo higher education opportunities in home countryPrivate scholarship offeredCurrently attending international high schoolInterested in a particular universitycountry? 6. Yet - most international students do not appearto be locked into one campusHow many colleges do students intend to apply to?17%38%21%7%4%12%40%35%30%25%20%15%10%5%0%1 - 2 3 - 5 6 - 10 11 - 15 More than 15 Don't know 7. Funding & Safety Are Top ConcernsWhat are students' concerns about studying0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%I don't have any concernsOtherCultural differencesMy parents are concernedLanguage barrierNo friends or family nearbySafety on campusSafety in surrounding areaFundingabroad? 8. Students need most help with Financial Decisions &Visa ApplicationsWhich aspects of the enrollment process do students0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80%English language prep (TOEFL/IELTS)Standardized test prep (ACT/SAT)Deciding where to enrollTraveling to collegesMoving to campusCompleting applicationsResearching collegesDeciding where to applyWriting application essayApplying for a visaFinancial decisionsneed help with? 9. Prospective students highly value conversations withcampus representatives & current studentsHow influential are the following experiences in theapplication decision? (1-5 scale, 5=most influential)0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5University FacebookIndependent counselorLocal education/U.S. officeGuidance counselorBrochuresCollege search sitesCampus tourStudent conversationsConversations with repsCollege rankingsUniversity website 10. Prospective students highly value conversations withcampus representatives & current studentsInterest in using the following resources to communicatewith college representatives (1-5 scale, 5=highest interest)0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 5Text messagingWebcam callSocial mediaLive video WebcastPhoneCampus tourLive chat (IM)Traditional college fairsE-mail 11. Most international students won't visit campusbefore enrolling50%45%40%35%30%25%20%15%10%5%0%Plans to visit campusesAll schools My top schools Might visit one ormoreNo plans to visitBefore applyingAfter acceptance 12. Recruiting Strategies(based on the findings) Build your brand in target markets abroad Adapt your website & communications to mobile devices Use a variety of communication methods Build strong relationships early with key international prospects Involve parents in the communication flow Offer assistance with campus visits to top prospects Make funding information easily available 13. Engage prospective students multiple timesthroughout the enrollment process - and win them over Meet new sophomores and juniors starting the search Interact with seniors deciding where to apply Target specific segments Invite admitted students to meet withrepresentatives & current students Improve yield - give admitted students a windowto your school Introduce enrolled students to campusresourcesPROSPECTSINQUIRIESAPPLICANTSADMITSDEPOSITS 14. Value Across the Enrollment CycleRecruit everywhereyou cantbe physically195 CountriesEngage prospectsthrough entireenrollment processSave cost overtraditional recruitingmethodsImproveyieldAmplifyyour institutionalbrandReach new highschool counselors 15. MARY ELLEN BREWICKUNIVERSITY OF IDAHO 16. MARY ELLEN BREWICKUNIVERSITY OF IDAHOEmail: mebrewick@uidaho.eduWeb: www.uidaho.edu/internationalstudents 17. University of Idaho Founded in 1889 Land grant institution 8 undergraduate colleges,graduate, and law school 12,000 students (UG v GR) Small town, rural IPO- ALCP, ISSFS, SA, M&R 18. UIs International Enrollment Growth 28% One year increase in international students 53% One year increase in ALCP (IntensiveEnglish) students 66% Five year increase in international students62 104 139 147225215236278328483277270249242211100090080070060050040030020010002010 (554) 2011 (610) 2012 (666) 2013 (717) 2014 (919)ALCP Undergrad/Nondegree Grad/Law 19. International Enrollment Snapshot New president wants enrollment growth CRM and Communications Sponsored Students Agents Budget Challenges Staffing Challenges 20. UIs International Enrollment Growth6005004003002001000Fall 2010 Fall 2011 Fall 2012 Fall 2013 Fall 2014UndergraduateGraduateALCP 21. Virtual Recruitment forInternational Enrollment Helps us solidify our UI brand Personal connections Cost-effective Engages student ambassadors Yield activity vs lead generation Campus wide coordination 22. Virtual Recruitment Challenges Materials Quality is important-videos, pdfs, websites Presence in the right places Staffing chats Timing, training, management Communicate with current prospectsbeforehand Technology (Technical Support) 23. Virtual Recruitment Benefits Yield events have been successful Admitted students, Brazilian students Encourages collaboration across campus Website, marketing materials, CRM Brand building EducationUSA, emails, walk-ins 24. Future Goals Incorporate Graduate College Use for individual or small group chats Increase promotion and chat activity Increase campus integration 25. Thank you!Mary Ellen BrewickUniversity of Idahomebrewick@uidaho.edu 26. Mary Ellens slides 27. JASON HALLOREGON STATE UNIVERSITY@ScholarHallJason.Hall@OregonState.edu 28. International Growth40003000200010000International Students at OSU2011 2012 2013 2014 29. Marketing 30. Recruitment 31. Recruitment 32. CollegeWeek Live and OSUSolid studentsReach more studentsReach more countriesGet admissions involvedTech-savvy audience7 admits for fall233+ leads65 countries present3 admissions reps.Our target audience 33. How to make the most of CWLRemember the timeGo back to the 90sGet a team for peak hoursHave a scholarship planAlways on & follow up 34. ThanksJason.Hall@OregonState.eduPowells BooksKennedy SchoolGround KontrolCollegeWeekLive 35. Increasing yield and retention through:1. Improving the admissions experience for prospectivestudents2. Having meaningful conversations at the right time3. Expanding our reach (international students)4. Providing greater access (shaping our class) 36. On-Campus vs. Virtual Open HouseOn-Campus Open HouseAttendance: 87% fromCaliforniaEthnic Diversity:Primarily CaucasianCost: $18,900Staff time: 3 months Virtual Open HouseAttendance: More out ofstate & internationalstudentsEthnic Diversity: greaterincreaseCost: $1,290Staff time: 3 weeks194 Registrants from USDOutreach1,132 new leads 37. Virtual vs. On-Campus Open HouseVirtual Open House: Attendance: 45 states and 104 countriesNortheast 11.0%Southeast 6.5%Midwest 9.8%Southwest 8.0%West (includes AK & HI) 34.8%Non-U.S. 29.8% 38. Virtual vs. On-Campus Open House Virtual Open House: AttendanceWhite orCaucasian29%Puerto Rican2%Other7%NativeAmerican0%Multicultural9%Mexican /MexicanAmerican8%Asian / PacificIslander24%Hispanic /Latino10%AfricanAmerican /Black13% 39. On-line Opportunities: Applicants & Admits Applicants: Chats with counseling staff Admits: Theme Chats with Staff and StudentsHonors studentsOut of stateTorero LifeAcademics & Undergraduate ResearchUniversity MinistryChangemaking 40. On-line Opportunities: DepositsSummer Orientation: Webcasts & using always on chats4 Webcasts from May-August: Get Classes: Registration with Deans Office and FacultyAdvisors Get Down to Business: Paying your Bill, Getting YourFinancial Aid & Avoiding Long Lines with Financial Aid, OneStop and Student Accounts Get Ready: Parent Webinar on Supporting Your StudentDuring the College Transition with Parent Relations andStudent Wellness Center Get Excited: Countdown to Arrival with StudentAffairs 41. Results from Using Webcasts Get Classes: Registration:Prior to using webcast: Registration dragged out for 2monthsCurrent: 63% completed registration within 2 weeks ofwebcast97% completed registration within one month Get Down to Business:Prior to using webcast: long lines during orientationCurrent: 41% attended live webcast Get Excited: Countdown to Arrival: 60% viewed webcast in 2013 42. Greatly Improve Recruiting ResultsAugment recruiting visits & betterengage more students Start conversations before livemeetings & continue themafterwardGo where you cant be expand yourrecruiting reach online Meet engaged college-boundstudents everyday, online Overcome a decline ofapplicantsOvercome budget constraints thathinder recruitingHit enrollment goalsUC Davis features CWL eventson their main landing page as aone-stop-shop for prospective& accepted students 43. Greatly Improve YieldExample of a CollegeWeekLive yield eventfor accep