Empowering teachers to meet the digital native learners

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Slides for the presentation "Empowering Teachers to Meet the Digital Native Learners" at IEC2011, Bangkok.


  • 1. Empowering Teachers to Meet the Digital Native Learners International E-Learning Conference 2011 Muang Thong Thani, Thailand 13.1.2011 Hanna Ters Tampere University of Applied SciencesMarjatta Myllyl Tampere University of Applied SciencesMarko Ters Emergent, Canopy & Understory Ltd.

2. What is going on?Who are digital natives?What does it have to dowith us? Image: Wayan Vota 3. The world of work used to look like this. 4. Image: theeferNow it looks more like this. 5. Image: ShuichiroClassrooms used to look like this. 6. Image: Valley Library / Oregon State UniversityAnd they still do. 7. New types of skills are needed Collaboration skills Creative problem solving Innovation skills Initiative Social and cultural skills Responsibility Image: theonlyoneEg. Trilling & Fadel, 2009 8. What are digital natives like?Global Innovation thinking& creativity Tolerance Appreciateof diversity freedom of choice Image: eonNatural collaborators(Tapscott 2009) 9. Image: bpsusf Companies face recruiting problems -too many graduates are lacking these skills (Robinson 2001) 10. Markos course:Social Media Supporting Success andProfessional Growth for BBA students 11. CollaborativeMedia literacyinformation search Open ended tasks insocial media environmentsCollaborativePersonal professionalwriting web presence 12. Image: arimoore 13. Teachers learn from theirteachers who have learnedfrom their teachers who havelearned from their teachers...The conception of a goodteacher is passed on to onegeneration after another. 14. Open socialOngoingmediadialogic environments evaluationNewAuthenticenquiry-based approach toTeam learning learningteacherand facilitatingeducation Collaborative Networkingknowledge construction 15. Teachers vs. digital natives?GlobalInnovation thinking & creativity ToleranceAppreciateof diversityfreedom ofchoiceImage: eon Naturalcollaborators (Tapscott 2009) 16. Teachers vs. digital natives? GlobalOpen-endedness networks and dening onesthrough goals: innovationsocial mediaand creativesolutions Team learningFreedom of and dialogue:choice in workingdiversity andmethods andshared expertiseImage: RuffLife learning pathsCollaborative knowledge construction and creation of content 17. Conclusions Changed workingenvironment Digital native skills:support not suffocate! Social media assistedteacher education program:empowering teachers tomeet the digital nativelearners Image: Rickydavid 18. Thank you!Contact usHanna Tershanna.teras@tamk.www.hannateras.comMarko Tersmarko.teras@emergentcanopy.comwww.markoteras.com


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