Edmodo What is it? How to use it?

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1. Edmodo What is it? How can I use it? 2. Edmodo is: Free Safe Digital Environment Teachers & Students 3. ? 4. Assessments Quiz Builder Poll & View Results Pre-assessment Post Assessment Lesson Quizzes Grades them for you! 5. Role Playing Historical Events Literacy Events Family Reading Night ScienceProbes Promote Discussions Encourage Student Interaction 6. Peer Reviews & Critiques Use small groups feature Within a group Post Work Peer Review Peer Feedback Constructive 7. Writing Projects Share Writing Assignments Peer Editing Co-Authoring By Use of Small Groups & Posting Reinforce Grammar Skills Reinforce Writing Process 8. Digital Citizenship Skills Build Digital Citizenship Skills Enforce Online Etiquette Guidelines Practice Netiquette Posting/Replying Small Groups or Whole Class Peer Reviewing Work 9. Foreign Language Practice Practice Language Skills Grammar Spelling Writing Converse with Peers Through Posting and Replying 10. Book Clubs Practice for Book Quiz Bowl Through Quiz Builder Discuss Books/Novels Posting/Replying 11. Professional Development Build Workshops Setup Group(s) Embed Videos Independent Viewing Share Documents Teachers Discuss Ideas Share Ideas (Before, During, & After) 12. Cultural Exchange Projects Connect with Teachers & Classrooms Around the World Learn About Other Cultures Teacher-to-Teacher Student-to-Student 13. Substitute Connection Communicate with Students Update Absent Students Update Homebound Students When You are Absent Communicate with Substitute Setup Substitute Account for Your Class Provide Computer Login (media, lab, or generic student) Create Substitute Group Communicate with Students 14. Backchannel Discussions Chat with Note Feature Post Reply to Posts Real-Time Discussions Encourages Reluctant Students to Participate Extend Learning 15. Mobile Learning Edmodo Mobile App Student/Teacher New Parent App Connect to See Childs Input & Progress Connect to See Current Learning Topic Classroom Curriculum On the Go! 16. Planning Committees School Plays Fundraisers School Carnivals Fall Festival Spring Fling Curriculum Collaboration Members Communicate Recorded Communication 17. Current Events Keep Students Up-To-Date Latest News Top News Stories Create Small Group Access RSS Feed Feature Really Simple Syndication Share Content "Settings" icon http://help.edmodo.com/public-pages/ 18. Project Based Learning Facilitate Any Subject Small Group Feature Differentiated Instruction Use of Small Groups Feature Shared Folders 19. Professional Learning Join an Edmodo Community Discover through your Profile Connect with Educators Worldwide Share Resources Exchange Ideas Offer/Receive Advice 20. Clubs & Groups School Clubs Share Meeting Notes Share Schedule(s) Sports Teams Coordinate Track Meets Share Practice & Game Schedules Post Scores (Wins & Losses) 21. Alumni Groups Stay in Touch with Former Students Teachers Who Have Transferred/Moved Student-To-Student Connections 22. My School Could Use Edmodo for STEM Club Chess Club Book Club Media Festival Invention Convention Tutoring Project Based Learning 23. Technology Units Ive taught Parts of a Computer Keyboarding Im planning & currently creating Digital Citizenship Digital Trail Netiquette 24. Unit Components Embedded Videos Interactive Documents Quizzes Links to Academic Games Vokis Verbal Instructions for Accommodations 25. Time to Create an Account https://effingham.edmodo.com/ 26. Join Your School Community 27. Account Verification Required Your school administrator will approve your account. 28. Find Your School 29. Update Your Teacher Profile 30. Avatar Creation 31. Set Up Your Classroom 32. Teacher Home Page Note-Post Groups Alert Assignment Quiz Poll Snapshot Notifications Home Progress Discover Library Store Manage Apps Apps Launcher Planner Snapshot 33. Create a Group Group Name Grade Level Subject Area 34. Step 1 Grade Level /Range Subject Area *Sub Area in Subject Group Name 35. Step 2 Group Size Group Description 36. Student Home Page 37. Student Joining Group 38. Student Profile 39. Student Progress 40. Student Activity 41. Teacher Connections 42. Teacher Communities 43. Teacher Collections & Badges 44. Store-Manage My Apps 45. Library Items Interactive Documents Embedded Videos Links to Games On Other Sites Embedded Voki 46. Help Center & Teacher Manual 47. Help Center & Student Manual 48. Help Center & Parent Manual 49. Help Center & Administrator Manual 50. I Have a Problem 51. Mobile Manual 52. Resources https://effingham.edmodo.com/ Microsoft PowerPoint www.surveymonkey.com https://support.edmodo.com/home#entires /21720784-20-ways-to-use-edmodo- teacher http://www.slideshare.net/search/slidesho w?searchfrom=header&q=edmodo 53. Thank you for participating!