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Here is the powerpoint of how I edited the image People.jpg using the program Adobe Photoshop Elements.


<ul><li> 1. By Mariyah Hoosenally</li></ul> <p> 2. Here is the Image PeopleThe colors are contrasting,Vivid, and interesting.The shadows across theimage will be good to editand manipulate usingdifferent tools. 3. I found that the image was too small, and I did not want the image to appearPixelated on the website, as this would look unproffessional. To do this, I clickedImageResizeImage Size. 4. I increased the width and height of the image, and the pixel dimensions automaticallyIncreased according to the scale. 5. I then thought to convert the image to Black and White, as the shadows and contrastWould show clearly. To do this, I went to EnhanceConvert to Black and White 6. Within the Black and White window, I selected Portrait Style, and adjusted the colorLevels and contrast in order to get the optimum highest quality black and whiteImage. 7. Here is the final edited image.The black and white effect of theimage has worked very well, asthe contrast between the colors,and the shadows and highlights showclearly on the photo, and give theimage a sense of place.The black and white effect also makesthe image look dated, unique andspecial.</p>