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  1. 1. When filming my Documentary, I recorded the audio externally through a tie-clip microphone as the camera audio was too echo-y. Because of this, when editing, I had to merge and sync the audio with the clips. I did this by selecting both the clip and audio and right-clicked and selected Merge Clips. When merging the clips, I removed the audio from the AV clip due to the echo. Before combining the audio with the clip, I selected the in and out parts of the audio. When moving the merged audio and video clip to the timeline sequence, I selected the in and out points to avoid having to further edit when the clip is in the sequence.
  2. 2. When the audio has been merged, the sequence often has parts that dont have audio and therefore use the cut tool to cut it out. In one of the interview sections with Billies Mam, the external audio had a delay and therefore the first few seconds of speech werent recorded. Because of this, I had to use the camera audio for those few seconds. To make this less of a dramatic change in audio, I used an Expositional Fade to fade into the external audiences.
  3. 3. When transitioning from interview sections and scenes, I used a Cross Dissolve to make the transition less obvious and more smooth. To stop the interview sections from being one single clip, I recorded the interview from a different angle, additionally, I used a different camera shot the camera shot in the main interview is a mid shot, whereas in the secondary shot is a close up. The lighting of the secondary shot wasnt very good, therefore I used a Black and White filter from the Image Control in the Effects.After adding the effects into the sequence, I render the sequence so that Playback is smooth.
  4. 4. When discussing bands that are associated with emo, I edited album covers by those bands into the scene. In the time that the album covers are being shown, I cut that interview scene and placed it into a different layer and hid that layer to create more focus on the album covers.
  5. 5. As the focus of the documentary is music fans and going to concerts, I wanted the introduction to be a simple montage of concert videos that I have took over the years. I selected certain areas of these clips and made the montage. To go with it, I used the song Rebel Rebel by David Bowie I edited the song down to a minute in order to be appropriate for an introduction. To start the documentary, I was originally going to use a voiceover with statistics of teenage music consumption, however, I felt that a voiceover wouldnt fit in with the documentary. Therefore I simply added a single statistic had the documentary been a full documentary and not the first 5 minutes, over the course of the documentary I would include different statistics to create a transition between scenes.
  6. 6. As the last interview scene is about concerts, I wanted to include a concert video from a Frnkiero And The Cellabration show I went to. This is the edited scene from my rough cut. This is the scene from my final cut of the film. I shortened the scene and also combined the beginning of the audio with the interview. Additionally, Billie went to an All Time Low signing, so I went along to get footage of it to add to this scene However, no filming was allowed at the event and I was only allowed to take photographs which I then combined with the concert footage.
  7. 7. This is the timeline/sequence from my rough cut.
  8. 8. This is the sequence/timeline of my final cut.
  9. 9. These are my export settings.