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Editing Discoveries

Editing Discoveries

Software I used The software my group and I used to edit our teaser trailer, poster and film magazine front cover, consisted of Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro X.

Final Cut Pro XAs my group and I all had some knowledge of Final Cut Pro X from last year, this software did not prove difficult to us to use. We used Final Cut Pro X to edit our teaser trailer. Final Cut Pro enabled us to be able to:-Add soundAdd transitionsMake our shots darker and more eerieOverlap our shotsCreate and add in our company identAdd titles and text

Adobe PhotoshopMy group and I used Photoshop to edit our poster and our film magazine front cover. However, as Adobe Photoshop was a new software to us, we found it very difficult and confusing and it took us time to learn how to add titles and effects which was needed for our poster and film magazine cover. Photoshop enabled us to add in titles all with different fonts and colours, add in pictures that could be separately edited from the main image if need be, and it also allowed us to erase some of our image so that only certain parts of the image could be edited if thats the look we wanted.

Annotated screenshot of Final Cut Pro X

This is where all of our shots were at the start of editing and we had to drag them into the place we wanted on the timeline.This is the timeline of which all of our footage, sound, effects and transitions are. This green bubble is the sound, as you can see there are a lot of little green bubbles as we added in a variety of sounds, diegetic and non-diegetic.These little symbols all mean different things, some of which are sounds, company idents we can use, effects, and transitions. We would simply drag the chosen effect etc onto our timeline if we wanted to use it.This is where we would type out the title we wanted and we could also change the font size and colour of the text here.

Annotated screenshot of Adobe Photoshop

This button at the top is the tool button so you can click it and then click on the image or text that you want and you can move it.This is the magic eraser tool which allows you to erase part of the image that you do not want to edit and the section that is not erased you can edit.This is where all the different layers are. Before adding in an image or text you must create a new layer and then it is in its own layer for you to edit and do what you want with it without having to edit and move other images/texts.This is where it tells you how zoomed in the image is, so if you needed to look closer to the image you could change how zoomed in it is.