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Web 2.0 presentation for ECLS, Coralville, IA Nov 2008

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With a little help from our friends: the social webECLS Tech TipsNovember 21, 2008Louise AlcornReference Technology LibrarianWest Des Moines Public Library

What is the Social Web?Also known as social software and social networking.Allows you to share with your colleagues, friends, family and strangers.Allows you to share your writings, thoughts, videos, music, pictures and more.Essence of the whole Web 2.0 thingIts the Wave of the Present

Web 2.0While the old Web was about Web sites, clicks, and eyeballs, the new Web is about communities, participation and peering. As users and computer power multiply, and easy-to-use tools proliferate, the Internet is evolving into a global, living, networked computer that anyone can program. Even the simple act of participating in an online community makes a contribution to the new digital commons whether ones building a business on Amazon or producing a video clip for YouTube, creating a community around his or her flickr photo collection or editing the astronomy entry on Wikipedia. Wikinomics, Don Tapscott & Anthony D. Williams

Features of the Social WebSimple publishing anyone can do itTaggingFriends / ContactsCommentsRecommendations / RatingsFeed publishingShare, share, share! (Not all social services have all features)

Simple PublishingLittle to no markup language skills necessary.Usually its create, click, and publish.

TaggingThe act of adding descriptive keywords to an item.Simple metadata folksonomy

Friends / ContactsBy making another account holder your friend you are automatically kept up to date with what that person is doing in the system.Creates connections between people with similar interests. Its why many users go on the Web at all.

CommentsSubmit your opinion(s) on the creations of others.Others submit their opinions on your creations, or on other commenters posts.Can often be edited/deleted by original creator as required. Can also be limited to a group of users (in some cases).

Recommendations: Two StylesAutomated based on previous experiencesAmazon.comLibraryThing (Suggester and UnSuggester) (radio/music)User generated recommendationsRatings (YouTube)Digg It

Feed PublishingRSS / ATOMAllows people to subscribe to your informationUsers receive information quickly and with little effort on their partUsers have the control over the information they receiveMost used with blogs

Examples of Social SoftwareWikisBlogsYouTubeFlickrdeliciouslast.fm43ThingsDiggLibraryThingMySpaceSlideShare.netSquidooAmazon.comSecond Life

WikisA Web site anyone can edit with little knowledge of markupAllows for collaboration and sharing of informationMore Later!


BlogsOnline journals, diaries, newsCan be exported via RSS feedPew Internet & American Life Project report on bloggers published 7/2006Bloggers seek place for creative, personal expressionmost are focused on describing their personal experiences to a relatively small audience of readersIncreasingly non-white, mostly