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This slideshow is intended to support a proposal to develop an e-Learning Mentorship program among teachers in Ontario.

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  • 1.e-Teacher Mentorshipe-TeacherMentorship

2. As e-Learning continues to evolve... 3. We can learn from one another... 4. ...through Mentorship 5. Mentors Provide advice for managing the early days and weeks of a course...Teaching Online can be Lonely work 6. Suggest course modications... 7. MentorsConsider ways to engage students 8. Teach others about the LMS 9. Point out relevant resources... 10. Share workload strategies... 11. Suggest Assessment strategies... 12. MentorsProvide reassurance... 13. Listen 14. Remind colleagues that they are not alone. 15. Participate Join the program... 16. ParticipateRequest a subject or course match. 17. Participate Wait for a Match. 18. Connect in person... 19. Connect ... through live chat 20. Connect Skype... Google Chat... Adobe Connect... 21. Via the telephone... 22. ...or through email. 23. Connect Find colleagues willing to share their experiences and strategies. 24. Teaching online need not be lonely work. 25. Join a community of self-supporting e-teachers! 26. Photo Credits CC ChapmanNancy White re-ality/SteffenPhillip Torrone TrayCarla Arena Sarah McGee Bart Everson Jason NichollsAna Carmen Andrew ScottJudy Baxter Karolien Taverniers Hagen + Tine Graf Jared Stein Tyron Francis KrossbowGrant Hutchinson Sarah Stewart ANL 27. In Support of Ontario e-Learning Teachers Created by: Rodd LucierLondon Region e-Learning Contact Licensed by: Creative Commons:Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada