E ePortfolios: An Interactive Inspection of a Primary Teacher's Journey with ePortfolios from Inspiration to Implementation.

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This is a presentation I gave in October of 2009 at the NZ national ULearn conference. It gives an outline of the journey I have taken with ePortfolios in my classroom over the last year and includes my reflections.


  • 1.Christchurch New Zealand October 2009 Integrating new technologies to empower learning and transform leadership

2. An Interactive inspection of a Primary Teachers Journey with ePortfolios from Inspiration to Implementation ByJamin Lietze 3. 4. JISC Ian Fox Mahara Wordpress MU Moodle 21 Classes Edublogs Nick Rate's Criteria KnowledgeNet Pebblepad eFolio MOESP Reports HelenBarrett Ray Tolley Blogs 5. 6. 7. ICT Multimedia Reflective Thinking Goal Setting Celebrating Successes Next StepsFocus Feed Back/Forward Collaboration Co-construction Parents, Friends + Teacher 8. 9. 10. http://bethlehemcollege.ultranet.school.nz Username:guest Password:guest09 Click here 11. 1. Do you like having an ePortfolio? 12. 2. What are the best things about having an ePortfolio? Other people can look at the work your proud of and you can look at your friends work and leave comments to help them. You can watch the cool movies that people put on their ePortfolio and you can leave comments on their movies. You can send emails to each other. You can look at other ePortfolios of your friends. You can put your work on it and photos and videos. Everything!!!!!! It is as cool as an I-Pod!!! That we can communicate with each other with emailing because we are not allowed to go on our own mail like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc Instead of doing everything on paper you can do it on the computer. 13. 14. 3. What are the negative things about having an ePortfolio? 8% saidYou can sometimes get spam. 50% saidNothing. 21% saidOne of them is having to put your work on it and having to complete tasks. 17% saidAfter a while all the things start to get boring because you have done most of the activities and you have checked out the system. 4% saidNot being able to email other people that dont go to our school. Next Steps: Add Web 2.0 tools eg: 15. 4. How has having an ePortfolio helped you? Features ofLMS = Ultranet 0510 15 20 25 16. Keeping track of what I have to do. Reflecting on my goals. Uploading so many things. Uploading videos because it takes so long. Nothing really. 5. What things do you have trouble with on your ePortfolio?

  • Next Steps:
  • Develop our ICT Angels = badges, training.
  • Speaking with Ultranet eg: simplifying uploading.
  • Instigating an ePortfolio Checklist with student guidelines.

17. 6. Have you shown your ePortfolio to other family members eg: Grandparents?If so who?

  • Next Steps:
  • Increase Parental Education = purpose of ePortfolios (notices, email, student voices, integrate with homework, students present at P/T interviews).
  • Interoperability = Parent Portal (MOE early 2010).

Bus Stop: What strategies for including Parents have you found successful? 18. Video Interviews 19. 20. 21. ICT Multimedia Reflective Thinking Goal Setting Celebrating Successes Next Steps Focus Teacher Feed Back/Forward Collaboration Co-constructioneg: eP, WALT, S.Criteria Parents, Friends + Teacher 22. Await MOE announcement Parental education Increase access to ePortfolios HTML templates + Web 2.0 tools Strategic planning + rollout Yr 1-13: Map out purpose + pathway 23. 24. Bus Stop: What is your next step? 25. Jamin Lietze www.lietze.edublogs.org www.twitter.com/jaminlietze [email_address] Integrating new technologies to empower learning and transform leadership