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Dual enrollment orientation (2012)

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St. Johns River State College Dual Enrollment Orientation 2012

Text of Dual enrollment orientation (2012)

  • 1.St. Johns River State College Libraries

2. Other Campus LibrariesSaint Augustine Orange Park 3. Books & eBooks We have over 40,000 titles at the PalatkaCampus Library Between the three campuses we have over70,000 titles Access to over 90,000 eBooks You can order books from other campuses andlibraries throughout Florida 4. Other Items DVDs CDs Magazines Newspapers Audio books 5. Library Tab in MySJRstate 6. Do Research 7. Catalog 8. Catalog Results 9. What Can Be Found Online? Online full text journal articles Images E-books 10. Library Tab in MySJRstate 11. Databases and AcademicArticles 12. Databases and AcademicArticles 13. Databases and AcademicArticles 14. Databases and AcademicArticles 15. Other Reasons to Visit 21 computers available to students Wireless printing Free coffee in the mornings A quiet place to study Open until 9:00 P.M. Monday-Thursday Weekend hours during Finals Week 16. Thank YouRobbie AllenPublic Services Librarian [email protected]

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