Dotsub, Jing, Storybird. Voicethread

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Here's my project!


  • 1. By Hctor Bermdez Prez
  • 2. DotsubVoicethreadStorybirdJingPersonal opinion
  • 3. Whats Dotsub?Dotsub is a program that we can use to subtitle our videosAnd it is very easy Lets go show you!
  • 4. Whats Voicethread? Voicethread is a program that we use to transmit our words in the net, I mean, we can talk through our webcams, mic, telephone, or do whatever we want with texts, videos, etc.
  • 5. 4
  • 6. Whats storybird? Storybird is a tool that we can utilize to create different graphic stories between people.
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  • 8. Whats jing? Its a program that takes pictures or makes short videos of what you see on your computer monitor. And we can use it in blogs, twitter, email
  • 9. Well afront our tutorial
  • 10. What can we do with this programs? Well, with them we can improve languages like English, French, Spanish, Japanese or learn something new, using different ways funnier, more monotonous I dont know! We can use the subtitles of Dotsub to get better our listening comprehension, or our pronunciation with Voicethread, or our writing expression with Storybird, or all at the same time with Jing They are very useful programs that we can utilize in our free time!