Don't close your eyes

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Don't close your eyes


  • 1. Dont Close Your Eyes Opening Sequence Evaluation
    By Coral-Anne Houghton
  • 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
    • One film that inspired our opening sequence was Blair Witch project, although this film is a true story we used the same kind of location e.g. the woods we did this to create a isolated feeling to the dream scene of our opening credits. This is also a conventional setting for a horror film that works well to create and creepy and eerie feeling to our opening sequence.
    Blair Witch Project
    • Although my sequence wasnt a documentary like Blair Witch Project we use some hand held camera shots just like Blair Witch Project to give the sequence a more realistic feel to it.
    My sequence
  • 3.
    • Final Destination is another film that we used for inspiration
    For our sequence, final destination is about a teenage boy who experiences an accident before it happens meaning that he sees the further just like the main charter of the sequence. Also the main charters of this film are mostly made up of teenagers/young adults just like our opening Sequence.
    This is a screen shot of the scene where the main charter has just ha the dream about the murder
    • For the opening we stated by going straight into action instead of building up to in, this is something that is also used in final destination. We did this because we thought it would work well because it makes the film interesting and gripping from the very start.