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<ul><li>1.Regent UniversitySchool of Divinitydoctoral Programs<br />Bearing witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ<br />in the church, the academy and the world<br /><br /></li></ul> <p>2. Doctor of Philosophy in Renewal Studies<br />3. Ph.D. Admissions Requirements<br />ATS-accredited M.Div. or M.Div. equivalent (72 credit hours)<br />Minimum 3.5 GPA<br />Preferred incoming language requirement: one ancient and one or more modern language<br />4. Doctor of Philosophy in Renewal Studies <br />Concentrations<br />Biblical Studies<br />History of Global Christianity<br />Christian Theology<br />5. Ph.D. Program Phases<br />Phase 1:Qualifying Phase There will be an evaluation period during the first year with a minimum required GPA of 3.25.<br />Phase 2:Coursework 48 credit hours. Minimum GPA 3.25 (3 years, 18 credits per year).<br />Phase 3:Qualifying Examinations written and oral components taken on-site. All coursework and a portfolio must be completed prior to taking the exams.<br />Phase 4:Dissertation after passing exams.The student will enroll for the dissertation at 1 credit hour per semester (including summer terms) until the dissertation is successfully defended. <br />6. Residency Information<br />Courses all have three components:<br />pre-residency, residency and post-residency<br />24 total weeks of residency required<br />6 weeks available per year: 2 per semester (fall, spring, summer) <br />16 weeks (minimum) of residency during coursework, 2 weeks during qualifying exams, <br />6 weeks during dissertation<br />7. Doctor of Ministry<br />8. D.Min. Admissions Requirements<br />ATS accredited M.Div. or M.Div. equivalent (72 credit hours)<br />Minimum 3.5 GPA<br />3 years of post-masters degree ministry experience<br />9. Doctor of Ministry<br />Concentrations<br />Leadership and Renewal<br />Community Transformation<br />Ministry Leadership Coaching<br />Military Ministry *<br />Clinical Pastoral Education *<br />* Electives not offered at Regent. Transferred in from outside institution. <br />10. D.Min. Program Phases<br />Phase 1: Coursework- 27 credits <br />Phase 2: Integrative Examination- 3 credits<br />Phase 3: Project- 3 credits<br />Phase 4: Dissertation- 3 credits<br />11. Residency Information<br />A contextual program<br />Core courses have three components:<br />pre-residency, residency and post residency<br />DCOR 703: Week-long residency at an off-site retreat center<br />Total of 4 weeks of required residency<br />12. Next Steps<br />Want to receive information from us?<br /><br />Ready to apply?<br /><br />Have specific admissions questions?<br />Call us: (800) 723-6162<br />Email us:<br />13. Want to connect with the doctoral programs?<br />Doctoral Programs Manager<br /><br /><br />Dr. Amos Yong (Director, PhD Program)<br /><br />Dr. James Flynn (Director, DMin Program)<br /><br /></p>


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