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Do females learn faster then males

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  • 1. Do Females Learn Faster than MalesDo Females Learn Faster than Males??Prepared By : POOJA JASSANI

2. IntroLearning :Any process through which experience at one time can alter an individuals behaviour at a future time PeterGrayLearning :Vygotsky says humans are the only species to have created culture, and every human child develops in thecontext of a cultureChilds learning :- Culture exposure- Family environment- Self developmentEducation is our focus. 3. Aim + HypothesisAIM :To proof or accumulate a consistent trend of females havinghigh number of success rates compared to males in studies.To analyse onlearning styles of a studentlearning preferences,trending of education towards educational dilemmasHYPOTHESIS :Females are fast learners compared to males.Girls work harder than boysMore committed and motivated to schoolworkTheyre better organized 4. METHOD 5. Participants 6. MaterialsQuestionnaires Open ended questions Multiple choice as a time based testDiagnostic Test Current students studies Subjects textbookIntelligence Test Dictation Paragraph to writeObjective : Measuring the way how both the genders differ in their learning process. Presenting analysis results for further discussing 7. Procedure 8. nalysis&Finding 9. Questionnaires :Time based testFemales answers more questions correctlyFemales seems to have more general knowledge and alertnessDiagnostics Test :Exam basedFemales has higher marksFocus and Concentration levelIntelligence Test:MemoryFemales have a quicker minddue to hormones and maturityFemales is able to catch and memorize better then males 10. Overall Test :Proved learning :In academicMemoryfemales are betterConcludes reading as a "feminine activity as higherpercentage reflects on femalesHave better concentration, dedicated and are wellpreparedMore committed and motivated to school work 11. CONCLUSION 12. Conclusion : Shows a positive result and Meets the hypothesis Females are smarter than males Validity : For the age mentioned Maybe repeated for a different age student to gatherfurther information Discussion : Extended research to : Identifying dominating gender in learning Trending learning difficulties distinguishing betweengenders Trending on learning difficulty versus age growth Learning effectiveness versus time