Direct, purposeful experiences and beyond

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Direct, Purposeful Experiences and Beyond

Direct, Purposeful Experiences and Beyond 1From the rich experiences that our senses bring, we construct the ideas, the concepts, the generalizations that give meaning and order to our lives.Learning-by-doing techniqueConcrete, first-hand experienceSensory experience (Dale, 1969)

Indirect experiencesexperiences of others (observe, read, or hear) vicarious (substitute experience, clear)

Purposeful:Internalized experiences which has significance to ones life (direct experience)Serves one goal: LEARNING

Dales Cone of ExperienceConcrete to abstract (vice versa)John Dewey (1916)An ounce of experience is better than a ton of theory...

Teaching-learning-processGive our learners opportunities to learn by doing.Immense our learners in the world of experiences.Make use of authentic (real-life context) instructional materials.Develop their five senses.Elevate their level of thinking.


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