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This document is an English translation of the lecture-workshop facilitated by Asier Gallastegi into Digitalis conference organized by the University of Vigo, Pontevedra in December 2011. They have collaborated in the translation selfless and solidary, Isabel Suarez, Raul Canay, Mariana Gavriş, Alex Linacisoro and Pablo Cueva. Thank you!

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2. Este documento es una traduccin al ingles de la ponencia-tallerfacilitada por Asier Gallastegi dentro de las jornadas Digitalisorganizadas por la Universidad de Vigo en Pontevedra, en Diciembrede 2011. Han colaborado en su traduccin de manera desinteresada ysolidaria; Isabel Suarez, Raul Canay, Mariana Gavri, Alex Linacisoro yPablo Cueva. Gracias!This document is an English translation of the lecture-workshopfacilitated by Asier Gallastegi into Digitalis conference organized bythe University of Vigo, Pontevedra in December 2011. They havecollaborated in the translation seless and solidary, Isabel Suarez,Raul Canay, Mariana Gavri, Alex Linacisoro and Pablo Cueva.Thank you! 3. Innon-formal educationadaptationwasnecessary.The social educatorworkswhereshe ndsyoung peopleand /or their families 4. The meetingwas different everyday,in differentplaces,without apredeterminedcontentasgoal.What happened wasmaterial to workwithour toolandthe link. 5. And in school,dotheycome orwe go?Where isthe place ofthechalkboardin theclassroom? Why does it takethat place?Is thattheproper placetoday? 6. If the ring a ring oroses is nota game, then its only for kids 7. The digitization ofhardware is only a rst step 8. Thanks to new Technologies 1 If we were ableto change the layoutof the classroom?What placewould we choose?How? 9. Connecting withde digitalization ofsome core ideasfrom the bookGrief of schoolby Daniel PennacLooking for helpto nd anotherplace 10. Each student plays his instrument, its not worthy to go against that. The delicatepoint is to know our musicians well and ndthe harmony (...) Since the taste for harmony makes them all progress (...) -The problem is we all want to make them believe in a world in wich only rst violins countDaniel Pennac Grief of School 11. Personal learning at the rithm and needs of eachstudentProjects in the classroom that make us face the experience of creating something together, starting from our diferences 12. That veredict offered methe compensationg oflazyness: why to wear oneself out in the task if higher authoritiesconsider the die is cast?Daniel Pennac Grief of School 13. Talking to him aboutprospects is like askinghim to measure innite with a decimeterDaniel Pennac Grief of School 14. A previous warning: Adults and kids, this is well known,have not the same perceptionabout time. Ten years arenothing for the adult whocalculates duration of hisexistence in decadesDaniel Pennac Grief of School 15. If marks are to measureanything, that somethingshould be the distance thoseconcerned have gone throughin the path of this understandingDaniel Pennac Grief of School 16. Process and resultSelf evaluation and statistics data 17. Thanks to new Technologies 2 Can we accompany students withdifferent rithms?How? 18. Yes, thats what blockheads do, they can t stop telling themselves the story of theirdumbness: Im useless, Ill never achieveit, Its not even worth it to try, is screwed in advance, I had already told you, school isnot for me... School seems a very closed club to them where access is forbidden. With the help of some professors,sometimes... Daniel Pennac Grief of School 19. Some kids very early persuade themselves thats just the way it goes and, in case they dont nd anybody to disuade them, sincethey are unable to live withoutpassion, they develop, in their lackof something better, a passion for failure. Daniel Pennac Grief of School 20. I grab the ringleaders, those juvenile leaders who are fteen or sixteen years old, Itentatively isolate them from the group,because the group is the one who terminates them, always, prevent them to constitute themselves, I put a camera in their handsand release one of their collegues tointerview them, someone they choose for.They do their interview alone, in a corner, farfrom others glances, they come back andwatch the shot together, this time with thegroupDaniel Pennac Grief of School 21. When they have reached that degree oflucidity, I stop the showing and send themagain with the camera so they repeat theinterview, with no further explanations.What counts now is their face, one couldsay the interviewer listens to the face of the other, and whats shows up in that face is the effort to understand, as if for the rst time they gazed at themselves asthey are: they are knowing complexityDaniel Pennac Grief of School 22. Digital storytelling. CLASSROOM BLOG 23. Thanks to new Technologies 3 How do we take theopportunity to tell our story? 24. Astonished, no doubt in front ofmy ability to shape ever more inventive apologies for lessons not learned or not made duties, he decided to exempt from the newsrooms to handle a novel. Daniel Pennac Grief of School 25. ..the loneliness and the shame of the student who does notunderstand, lost in a world whereeveryone else understands "Daniel Pennac Grief of School 26. ..there is the mother (*) that is furious,convinced that her boy is always the innocent victim of a coalition of teachers, regardless of the subjects,(...) the mother that knows about psychology and that is giving an explanation to everything, is surprised that everything hasnt got asolution alwaysDaniel Pennac Grief of School(*) Literally. Obviously us the father we use similar strategies 27. PLATFORMS AND ACTIVITIES FOR THESCHOOL COMMUNITY 28. Do not let yourideas be stolen.Give them as gift! Sir Ken Robinson 29. lets copy / shall we copy? 30. Prohibit copying is an anachronism of traditionalteaching. The copy is not negativein itself: what is negative is due tobring the immobility of knowledge, the detention of doing andknowingNicolas Rafael 31. Thanks to new Technologies 4How do we designnetworks and build community? 32. We as students we go way; but youwill stay! We are free but you arecondemned to life imprisonment. We, the bad boys, you may not get anywhere, but we are moving. The platform will not be the unfortunate stronghold of our lives.Daniel Pennac Grief of School 33. Its a miracle thatcuriosity survivesformal educationsystems Albert Einstein 34. We disconnect or we connect we our passion? 35. Those teachers did not share with us only hisknowledge, but the very desire to know.Daniel Pennac Grief of School 36. youmust know how toplay with learning. The game is the breath ofeffort, the other heartbeat,does not affect the seriousness of learning,but is its counterpoint.Daniel Pennac Grief of School 37. multimedia digital content.Serious games and gamication 38. Thanks to new Technologies 5How is it to connectour passions trough the new tech use? 39. Sometimes I advised them boredom exercises, yes, to installin perseverance. I prayed that they should not do anything, do not bedistracted, do not consumeanything, even conversation,neither do they work, in short, to do nothing, nothing at all.Daniel Pennac Grief of School 40. Procedeeings listencreativity immersion frustrationtranstlationperseverantein to actionincubation daydream lightingeureka 41. When Im with them or withtheir exams, Im notsomewhere else. He added:But when Im somewhere else,Im not one whit with them. Daniel Pennac Grief of School 42. One thing is sure, the presenceof my students is closely linkedto mine: of my presence in theentire class and each individualin particular, my presence alsoin my stuff, my physical presence, intellectual and mental,... Daniel Pennac Grief of School 43. Just one teacher-one!-To save us from ourselves and make us forget all others. Daniel Pennac Grief of School 44. On second thought, thosethree teachers only had onething in common: they never let the prey go.Daniel Pennac Grief of School 45. Your rst qualication should be the abilityto conceive the state of one who does not know what you know. I dream of a CAP testor degree where the candidate is asked torecall a school failure .(...) to introduce failure dynamics and difcult learning. Mastersdegree imperative. if when we approach totechnology we live it as a challenge and a chance to remember what it was like to stayat the other side Daniel Pennac Grief of School 46. In short, it is necessary that tosewho want to teach have a clearvision of their schooling, that theyfeel a little bit the state of ignorance, if they want a chance to get us outof there Daniel Pennac Grief of School 47. Ultraconnected present Teacher benchmark, signicant link, close and available 48. Thanks to new Technologies 6 How do we use thetools to improve and increase ourpresence ? ? 49. With new technologies we can decide toincreasePeer to peer learning experiences Respect rhythms and needs Construct explanations of self-releasing Knit network with the wider school community Connect with our passions be more present ... 50. Links Daniel Pennac Mal de escuela Ed. debolsillo 2009