Digital storytelling: Putting Learning Above Output iste 2014

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Minimize output struggles using digital storytelling. Maximize opportunities for assessing learning and not the output. Help your students engage in expressing and communicating rather than struggling with writing.


<ul><li>1.Digital Storytelling: Students as Creators of Their Learning kevin amboe orwell kowalyshyn lisa domeier de surez Kevin Amboe Orwell Kowalyshyn lisa domeier de suarez </li></ul> <p>2. Game Plan 3. Makerspaces: a open collaborative learning environment where we share materials, learn new skills, and create projects. An idea incubator! 4. The truth about stories is... thats all we are. - Thomas King 5. Neverland is our evolutionary niche, our special habitat. - Jonathan Gottschall The Storytelling Animal Flickr: 6. SAMR Model 7. StoryTelling: more than words 8. iStorytelling 818 9. vvCreative Process 10. Watch good stories to make good stories 11. Documen t All Learning 12. Research, Storyboarding, Roles 13. Focus on the Skills not the Tools 14. Source: Mia Macmeekin 15. Source: @langwitches 16. Everything is a mashup -Kirby Ferguson 17. Encourage students to create their own digital content Creative Commons Foxspain Fotografia 18. Built in Camera ! 19. Comic Life Cost: $4.99 20. Comic Touch 2 Cost: free 21. Video is the new text - Marc Anderson, consultant 22. Dont suffer from VVS 23. iMovie Cost: $4.99 Trailer &amp; Video Templates 24. Entry from Hillcrest Elementary for Global Read Aloud Contest One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate 25. Videolicious Cost: Free Easy video production 26. Constraint inspires creativity. - Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-creator 27. Cost: Free - in app purchases available Directors Pass Cost: $2.99 Photo &amp; Video Puppet Pals 28. Explain Everything Cost: $2.99 Worth every cent! Multiple ways to export lessons Store projects in rough form Import videos, keynotes, images Record voice to demonstrate learning Does not require email to export lessons 29. 6 Word Story in Explain Everything 30. Inquiry Project: Role of Animals in the First/Second World Wars 31. Educreations Cost: Free Requires you to create an account online to share lessons 32. BookCreator One Book: free Cost: $4.99 Images, video, export to ibooks to make instant ebooks 33. Creation Time 34. Create class Dropbox account with your email Create closed or open Youtube channel Email from Camera Roll Saving/Shari ng Save to Google Drive 35. Be brave, share what you made! 36. Send your work to DropItTo Me Share, share, share! password: happy 75 megabites Max 37. Remember learning is messy. 38. A story should be remembered for its soul, and not for the bells and whistles. - Bernajean PorterFlickr 39. I was dipping my toe into new learning and then I realized I just needed to jump. - #sd36learn educator 40. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. - Neale Donald Walsch 41. Stories are meant to be told. 42. Tell yours and help your students tell theirs. 43. Our world needs you. 44. Thank you ! @amboe_k @kowalyshyn @librarymall you ! you ! Thank you! @amboe_k @kowalyshyn @librarymall #sd36learn 45. Tell us what you think! There are two ways to provide feedback on this session: ISTE 2014 mobile app 46. Works Cited impacts-real-world/ Marc Prensky From Digital Natives to Digital Wisdom pg 140 Kerby Ferguson Embrace the Remix Create Your Own Maker Culture in the Library Wesley Frey Global Read Aloud Contest from Hillcrest Elementary The One and Only Ivan;feature=colike Comic Life (Just ignore info about WebDav if you dont have it) Lisa Domeier de Suarez page Photos: from Flickr with a Creative Commons License This Presentation has Creative Commons License Use it, remix it, share it! Green door handle Photo: Chair decay photo: One year in one image photo: 47. licensed-images-a-students-guide-from-the-unquiet-library photo spirals fire: Photo chairs: Steve Jobs photo: Copyright Flowchart @langwitches no-if-this-then/ Source: hugovk one year in an image: Umbrella Sharing Green Fridge Source: Olly Farrell Blooms Taxonomy Revised: action-verbs-that-define-blooms-taxonomy/ 48. Buffy Hamiliton makerspace definition slide: communities-through-school-libraries-and-makerspaces-creating- constructing-collaborating-contributing/ Globe with hands Source: charamelody : Ruben Puentedura SAMR Model dExemplars.pdf Game plan Photo: girl with soccer ball Source: TJook Flickr: 49. Neverland is our evolutionary niche, our special habitat. - Jonathan Gottschall The Storytelling Animal 50. Source: Nancy Duarte Resonate 51. Learning Commons: a world of projects co-exist 52. Are students leaving a learning legacy at school? </p>