Digital literacies in disciplinary learning and teaching

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A presentation by Jane Hughes, University College London. Conducted at a DELILA (Developing Educators Learning and Information Literacies for Accreditation) dissemination event hosted by the Centre for Distance Education on 26 July 2011. Presentation slides and more details can be seen at


  • 1. Jane Hughes
    Digital literacies in disciplinary learning and teaching

2. Designing and planning a teaching session
Assessment and feedback to students
Academic literacies
Learning, Teaching and Technologies
Relationships between teaching and research
Values in Higher Education
Internationalising HE
Skills in Higher Education
Designing the curriculum
The original materials
3. Disciplinarityaddressed both explicitly and through experiential learning
Digital literacies and e-learning addressed both explicitly and through experiential learning
The individuals experience of teaching viewed as a resource central to learning
The HE teacher viewed as part of a community; interaction with this community is part of learning.
PGCLTHE approach
4. In practice . . .
5. OUTCOMEs example 1
6. Outcomes example 2
7. Outcomes example 3
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