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Diaporama pour le cours inversé sur la tectonique des plaques

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Diapositive 1

Models are tools to fill the holes left, those without informations.2La grande saga des continents quel avenir pour la tectonique des plaques ?Nicolas Coltice

The goal of this presentation is to show you convection models that explain us the peculiarities of the Earths age distribution. This work is a close collaboration between Tobias and Paul from ETH Zurich and Stephane and myself from Lyon. It has been published in a recent issue of Science.3

bathymetrie et seismes10

Il nous faut un peu de maths14

Maria Seton (U. Sydney)This kind of image you see it in high school. The seafloor, the continents, the tectonic plates.As a geologist, Id like to start from reconstructing the evolution of the motion of continents and of the seafloor back in time.15




Claire L. Evans


Remember: a model is there to fill the holes. Can we do that with our model of convection in the mantle?Here are the equations: linear but coupled. We use them for a long time. But the rheology is complex and difficult to implement.22

Gravitvs.ViscositUn matriau trs spcial

Et des gentils calculateurs

How cool is it to know the weather tomorrow?This is because we make good models. Good models make predictions. They improve then predictions improve.How cool is ti to verify the day after that the weather was what we predicted? or not sometimes30The best we can do nowadays.31