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Do You Know Dewey? Media Specialist: Mrs.. Starr DBMS: Media Center


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Do you know Dewey? Dewey & the alien was retrieved from http://library.thinkquest.org/5002/Alien/alien.htm

Text of Dewey

  • 1. Do You Know Dewey? Media Specialist: Mrs.. Starr DBMS: Media Center

2. Dewey Decimal System

  • The Dewey Decimal System is a system we use to classify books by grouping them in 10 categories.
  • This system uses a decimal classification system to organize library books
  • I'll bet you're wondering who the brilliant person was who came up with this idea.

3. Who Invented this System?

  • Melvil Dewey
  • He was born in Adams Center, New York, on
  • December 10, 1851 and died December 26, 1931.
  • He was a librarian
  • In 1876, he started theAmerican Library Association
  • He published the first Library Journal, which included library trends and book reviews.
  • He opened the first library school in 1887 located @ Columbia University.

4. Dewey Basics 5. Fiction or Non-Fiction

  • Fiction
  • Fiction - Books that are made up by the author, or are not true, are fiction.
  • Non-Fiction
  • Books that are nonfiction, or true,
  • are about real things, people, events, and places.

6. Fiction

  • Fiction books are put on the shelf in alphabetical order by the author's last name.
  • If you wrote a book and your last name was Cleary.If kids liked your book, they would want to read more of them, so by having your books in the same place it would make finding them a lot easier.

7. Non-Fiction

  • Non-Fiction books are shelved by their subject's category.
  • For example, if you wanted a book about cars, you would want them to be in the same area.You wouldn't worry about the author, you would just want the facts about cars.

8. Books Are Shelved by Call #

  • left-to-right, top-to-bottom
  • Start at the left on the top shelf, move to the right until the shelf ends.
  • Then, you go to the next shelf beneath that and do the same, left to right, top to bottom.

9. What is a Call Number?

  • A call number is a group of numbers and/or letters put together to tell you where in the library to find your book.
  • A call number is located at the bottom of the book on the spine.
  • It helps you to find your books quicker.
  • Once you've got your call number from SavvyCat, it's time to go find your book!

10. Dewey Decimal Number

  • A Dewey callnumber always has 3 numbers to the left of the decimal.
  • To the right of the decimal, there is no limit on number.
  • The more numbers you add to the right of the decimal, the more specific the subject is.
  • 664.805652

001.9 11. Dewey & the Alien

  • We are going to tell you how to remember what each of the Dewey hundreds groups represents.
  • One day, while Melvil Dewey was walking in Central Park, he saw a UFO.

12. They stood staring at each other, and then they got up enough nerve to ask:

  • We thinkabout ourselves:100s - Psychology and Philosophy

13. Melvil and the alien looked at each other with puzzled expressions and noticed how different they were from each other.As they stood, they wondered to themselves 14. Dewey realized that the alien's world must be very different from the United States.He decided to take him to learn about our government.

  • People learn to get along together:300s - Social Sciences

15. Dewey knew that the alien wouldneed to learn how to communicate with people.

  • 400s - Languages
  • We communicate with each other.

16. Dewey and the alien began to stroll around, and Dewey explained life on Planet Earth.

  • We learn about Nature and the world aroundus:500s -Natural Science.

17. Dewey explained to the alien that humans have changed Nature to make life easier.

  • How we can make Nature useful?600s - Applied Science

18. Dewey explained to the alien that technology has made life easier on Planet Earth.It gives us more free time to do what we want.Dewey and the alien took a spare moment to shoot hoops.

  • 700s - Fine Arts and Recreation

19. Dewey told the alien that over the years, with this spare time, people have written poems, stories, & plays

  • 800s - Literature


  • Dewey and the alien had a fabulous day.He invited the alien to visit the library where he worked.Dewey gave him a tour of the library and explained how his decimal classification system worked.
  • While there, they decided to make a memory of their day on Planet Earth by making a scrapbook.They wrote what will become history sooner or later - their day together!
  • 900s - Geography and History


  • As the Alien prepared to leave, he told Dewey, "When I get back to my planet, I want to group all my books in this new awesome way.But, which hundred group should I put my scrapbook in?
  • Dewey replied, "That's easy!You would put it in the 000s - General Works.That's where we put encyclopedias because they contain so much information that you can't describe them in one category!
  • 000s - General Works - Encyclopedias, books about libraries, museums, journalism, computers, controversial or unexplained topics.