Developing a Menu of Teaching Approaches to Encourage Deeper Engagement with TEL

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Presented on 1st May 2014 at Blackboard Teaching and Learning Conference (#BbTLC2014) at University College Dublin. This worshop encouraged attendeed to engage with materials created by Sheffield Hallam University as part of their Changing the Learning Landscape (CLL) transforamtion project.

Text of Developing a Menu of Teaching Approaches to Encourage Deeper Engagement with TEL

  • 1. Developing a Menu of Teaching Approaches to Encourage Deeper Engagement with TEL Brian Irwin, Head of Technology Enhanced Learning Dr. Ian Glover, Senior Lecturer in Technology Enhanced Learning

2. 35000+ Students, 2100+ Academic Staff Blackboard Learn, Collaborate key institutional tools Many other online and physical technologies available Sheffield Hallam University and TEL 3. Context Two big institutional challenges Consistency Not fulfilling potential of TEL Desire to transform student experience through: More active learning More varied teaching approaches Better integration of technology National Changing the Learning Landscape (CLL) initiative provided an opportunity to address this 4. Project Approach SHU-based - covers practice at SHU Grassroots - all academics invited to take part Constant refinement - updated from feedback Project steering group drawn from across SHU, including: Students' Union Academics TEL support staff 5. Survey -> Workshops -> Draft menu and materials Follow-up staff and student workshops to generate further information and refinements Project Development 6. Workshops Open to all; or Tailored for specific groups Training Faculty TEL staff Restructuring TEL activity Promotion through: Blogs Mail-outs Targeting influencers Presenting to course / subject teams Faculty and SHU conferences Internal Dissemination 7. Key resources The Menu Worksheet to develop action plan Workshop activities Student-developed online version(s) Additional resources Case studies Alternative presentations Draft 'Top Trumps' ALook at the Resources Questions & Discussion 8. Each group has an envelope with a scenario on it Open the envelope and take out a teaching approach Discuss how that approach might be used to address the scenario, including the role technology could play Move onto the next approach Padlet site: Exercise: Typical Teaching Scenarios 9. Lessons Learned Senior support vital to get the non-'innovators' involved Local focus helps people see value in project Avoid jargon to help get, and keep, people engaged 10. Next Steps Expand current 'menu' Support faculty staff in running workshops Workshop on PGCert Workshops for other institutions Follow-on project - APPETITE University strategy - development & implementation 11. Discussion What would you do to get engagement from staff? How could you adapt this approach for your institution? 12. Contact Blog: