Designing & prototyping useful apps-II

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Designing & prototyping useful apps-IIJoris Klerkx - Robin De Croon

Wednesday, March 30, 20161


Plan for tomorrow today show and tell (max 2 min.) storyboard paper prototype

High fidelity prototype

storyboardpaper prototype

Requirements for tomorrow today Bring your own laptop & smartphone Create a account

Install bower (& text editor e.g. )

Personal Examples

Wednesday, March 30, 20164

Rapid Prototyping30/03/165

5 users 9 users 3 users 11 users SUS: 70/100 SUS: 80/100 SUS: 82,5/100 SUS: 87/100Paper Prototype I Paper Prototype II Digital Prototype I Digital Prototype II

1 & 2: vrienden (+ mensen gebruikersinterfaces)3: mensen met eigen huis4: 4 mensen met domotica + 4 experten

Experten op CW, mensen thuis


Participatory design approach WEL Onderzoek Vergelijkend onderzoek


Only dashboard screenDifferent elements on the dashboard6


Subjective Input

Wednesday, March 30, 20168

Stocky, T., Faaborg, A., & Lieberman, H. (2004). A commonsense approach to predictive text entry. In Extended abstracts of the 2004 conference on Human factors and computing systems - CHI 04 (p. 1163). New York, New York, USA: ACM Press. doi:10.1145/985921.986014


Objective Input

Wednesday, March 30, 20169

Weibel, N., Emmenegger, C., Lyons, J., Dixit, R., Hill, L., & Hollan, J. (2013). Interpreter-Mediated Physician-Patient Communication: Opportunities for Multimodal Healthcare Interfaces. In Proceedings of the ICTs for improving Patients Rehabilitation Research Techniques. IEEE. doi:10.4108/icst.pervasivehealth.2013.252026


Wednesday, March 30, 201610

Wednesday, March 30, 201612

Wednesday, March 30, 201613


High fidelity tools

Wednesday, March 30, 201615

Wednesday, March 30, 201616

powerpoint & photoshop16


Wednesday, March 30, 201617

Wednesday, March 30, 201618

ios and Material design elements for drag and dropfree account for 15 daystest on mobile device18


Wednesday, March 30, 201619

Great interactioncompiles to native code smooth animations19



Wednesday, March 30, 201621

Native Applications

Wednesday, March 30, 201622android studio

and many more!

Polymerbower initbower install --save Polymer/polymerbower install --save [check polymer-element documentation]

Create html-file e.g.: everything!

python m SimpleHTTPServergo to http://localhost:8000

Wednesday, March 30, 201623