Designing new learning environment

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  • 1. "The mediocre teacher tells.The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." -William Arthur Ward

2. - Digital storytelling - Adaptive learning - Differentiated learning - Gamification - CMS - Flipped classroom - MOOC 3. - Ordinary people who use digital tools to tell their story - Video, photographs, animation, sound, music, text and narrative voice is used - Educational topics in more interesting and engaging ways - Present complex ideas 4. - Adapts its content and pacing - Individual differences and learning styles - Autotutor 2000 5. - Howard gardners Multiple intelligence theory 6. -Russian psychologist Lev Vygotsky -Three elements Readiness, Interest and learning profile -Individual differences and learning styles 7. -Cater for different types of learning needs -Present content in as many different ways as possible -Maximum appeal -Mastery over a concept 8. - Use game thinking and game mechanics in non- game contexts - Strategies that use game attributes to achieve other goals - To engage users and solve problems 9. Flight gear 10. -Software that delivers courseware over the network 11. Suite of functionalities designed to:- - Deliver - Track - Manage learning content - Learner progress - Learner interactions 12. It consists of:- - course syllabus - Teaching material - Self-assessment quiz - Asynchronous communication - Progress tracking - Online grading 13. - Massive online open course - Freely Undergo courses offered by reputed universities - Get certified 14. DS106.US 15. -Mindomo -Scratch -K-yan -Smart 16. - Information structure mirrors brain functions in a radiant manner - It maps our thoughts using associations - Triggers further ideas - It improves long term memory of factual information 17. - Lesson preparation - Delivering lessons - Creating handouts - Encouraging discussion - Student assessment 18. - Making notes - Planning an essay - Studying for exams - Creative inspiration - Problem solving - Making presentations 19. - Mindomo - Mindmeister - 20. - Community computer from IL&FS - Knowledge vehicle - Brainchild of IIT Bombay 21. It combines the functions of:- Multimedia computer DVD/VCD/CD player and writer DLP projector Internet surfing Video conferencing Audio system TV and computer controlled by wireless mouse LAN and USB ports 22. - MIT initiative - Easy to use software for creating animations and games - Free to download and use 23. Create great looking diagrams like flowcharts, network diagrams, organisational charts and technical diagrams - gliffy Comic life, historic tale, construction kit, hyper comic comic creation tools Prezi, sliderocket Creating presentations Voicethread Video with voice narration Gnatt project Project management tool 24. CBTs with adaptive learning capabilities Updating LMS Explore adoption of Flipped classroom Maintaining a database of MOOC videos Gamification - Flight gear simulators 25. Procuring imindmap & Prezi desktop K-yan with/without internet facility as a pilot project Implementation of SMILE Procurement of Adobe creative suite and training instructors on Flash