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  • SRIDEVI M NSRIDEVI M N Interior Design PortfolioInterior Design Portfolio
  • Pesonal Information: SRIDEVI M N D.O.B - 18-02-1989 Education: Bachelor of Engineering - CIVIL , INDIA Diploma in Interior designing , UK Work Experience: Quantity Surveyor - 3 Years
  • My name is Sridevi, I am from Bangalore, India. I completed my graduation in Civil engineering and worked as Quantity surveyor for 3 years in a highly reputed construction company in India. I successfully completed Diploma in Interior Designing in UK on 5th June 2014. I have a strong aspiration to become a creative Interior Designer and I have successfully stepped in. Now I am looking forward to enhance my Interior designing skills by studying Masters. Apart from my curriculum I enjoy pencil shadings, Indian Henna Designing and watching animated movies. I strongly believe that my artistic skills will contribute in acheiving my goal as an Interior Designer.
  • My First Project OBJECTIVE 1 : Renovation Of Residential House The Project Includes Client Requirements Proposed Layout Lighting Plan Electrical Legend Sample Boards Color Scheme Finishes Schedule Curtain and Upholstery Fabrics
  • Requirements of client She loves to cook but doesnt want to feel isolated in the kitchen. She rarely entertains in a formal setting. She prefers family oriented occasions. She wants to renovate the house starting from the ground floor and hasnt decided what style of furniture she wants. She is sure she wants to technologically update the kitchen and the entertainment systems. Proposed Layout I have modified the existing plan to meet the client requirements. The modifications are as follows,
  • Kitchen : I have changed the existing L-shaped kitchen into an U-shaped open kitchen, I have removed the wall between kitchen and dining and implemented a slab counter with two chairs. hence kitchen will be open to dining and also removing the wall creates extra space for moving. due to U-shape she will have much working space in kitchen. Also the client wants to update the kitchen technologically, I suggest semi-modular kitchen with cabinets above and below kitchen counter and air exhaust to the stove (Not shown in the image), also an oven and dish washer has been placed in the kitchen. In order to fix all the cabinets and other fixtures windows have to be removed. I feel all these changes will modernize the kitchen. Dining Area : I have changed the position of dining room, as per the image the dining room is adjacent to living room and kitchen without any walls between, this tends to create an open space and will be ideal for family oriented ocassions. It is a formal dining with 8 seater dining table. Since the client want it to be less emphasized i suggest it would be better to place a formal pendant light above dining.
  • Living Area : A six seater sofa has been placed in living room with a coffee table, also there is a corner sofawith round table at the corner of living room. The corner sofa can be used for tea time chatting, so there is seating for more people during parties and family occasions. Since there is no wall between dining area and living room/kitchen and dining area, the whole house feels spacious and have easy flow. If the client requires partition between rooms then room dividers like shoji screens, curtains, can be used instead of walls. I have also placed few plants in the living area which creates pleasant environment and also fresh air. Living room is easily accessible from entrance lobby since there is no door. Study room: In order to make house more spacious I changed the position of study room and made a connection between kitchen, dining & living. In study room there is a study table with an executive arm chair and a corner sofa for one person and a plant. Adjacent to the table there is a book shelf. A reading lamp can be placed on table. There is single door instead of double to access study room, I feel single door is sufficient for study room since study room should certainly feel peaceful and bit isolated.
  • Laundry: The laundry room has also been changed because of the above mentioned rooms re- positioning. There is a door from kitchen to laundry and another door leads outside. Powder room: It has been mentioned that there is an old toilet under the stairs, I have changed the dimensions of the toilet and also changed it into an L-shaped room with a water closet and a wash basin. There is a small sliding door as shown in image. The U shaped, modern & open kitchen will have more working space and feels less isolated, also now there is a spacious living room for family oriented occasions. I have modernized the traditional furniture in all the rooms and I believe all these changes will considerably meet the clients requirements.
  • LIGHT and LIGHTING Lighting is one of the key elements that helps make your house a home. The proper lighting enables you to perform tasks easily, makes you feel safer and more comfortable, and allows you to enjoy your home at its full potential. Natural Light In the present plan we have sufficient windows that allows natural light, Sine the alignment of house not mentioned am assuming that the kitchen will be faced to east, kitchen is the place that everyone would work first in the morning, so aligning kitchen windows to the east will allow sun light directly to the house. Artificial light I am using recessed lighting in the present house, in order to pick recessed lighting the following points has to be considered LIVING and DINING I have used 6 Nos of dimmable recessed LED light fixtures with 6 baffle trims. The 6 lights are equally spaced as shown in the image to get even and bright lighting. Baffle trims are the most popular choice of all recessed lighting trims. They are the perfect choice for use in living spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, etc. These trims feature large uniform grooves which are designed to absorb excess light. Baffles help to reduce glare and are typically offered in two color choices, black or white. Black baffles reduce the most amount of glare from the bulb, while white baffles help to reduce or eliminate the appearance of dark holes in the ceiling.
  • The reason for implementing LED lights in the living area is because of its features and advantages even though the initial cost is high. The advantages and features of LEDs are as follows. The operational cost of LED lights are low. The lights are dimmable and have good Color Rendering Index. LEDs have an excellent directionality and Efficacy (20-50 lumens per watt) when compared to other light sources like incandescent/halogen/fluorescent. Life span is incredibly high (60,000 to 100,000 hours) compared to other sources, I thought it was a good idea to have row lighting in the living room, so I implemented sconces (dimmable halogen light source) in a row, it creates ambience in the room. There is a low hanging pendant light over the dining table, pendant light creates an intimate feeling and also serves as task lighting. Both pendant light and LED light fixtures will set the tone of the room. New Construction or Re-modeling of house IC or Non-IC Rated Understanding whether we need IC or Non-IC rated components is the critical aspect to pick the right housing. An IC, or insulation contact, rating means that the fixture can come in direct contact with thermal insulation. Conversely, a Non-IC, or non-insulation contact, rating means that the fixture cannot come in direct contact with thermal insulation and should be kept at least 3 inches from any insulation.
  • Line or Low Voltage The final "technical" component decision is to determine whether we want line or low voltage. Line voltage operates directly off of the normal household 120 volt current. No transformer or special dimmers are needed. Line voltage is recommended when you have high ceilings and/or the need to provide general illumination to a room, as you can use up to a 150W bulb. Low voltage is a more energy efficient alternative that uses a 12 volt current instead of a 120 volt current. A special transformer is needed to reduce the voltage and special dimmers are required if you want a dimming feature. Low voltage is recommended when you want to create high contrast and/or using the recessed lights as a form of task or accent lighting. ENTRANCE LOBBY The entrance area/foyer conveys the first impression of a homes interior. I have centered a contemporary flush mount halogen light fixture to provide basic illumination and create a welcoming atmosphere. I have used a matching sconces with halogen light source in the corridor and the stairway as shown in the image. The sconce is mounted above eye level so that the lamp source is not visible. BREAKFAST COUNTER There is a recessed LED light fixture with 4 line voltage trim(4" line voltage trims are useful for task and accent lighting with short throw distances and/or lower light level requirements) in the counter area along with a sconce as show in the image. Also there are two mini pendanthanging lights over breakfast counter, moun