Dental Hygiene STEPS Session

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Dental Hygiene STEPS Session


  • 1. Dental Hygiene Degree 5 semester program. Admission is based on weighted criteria. Applications Due: May 15 of each year to apply for the following Fall semester (August) class on the Grand Strand campus. Late or incomplete applications will not be reviewed for admission.

2. To Apply for the DHG program you must: 1. Apply to and be accepted at HGTC, which includes paying the $30 application fee, submitting official high school and college transcripts and submitting the Additional Admission/Placement Requirements Affidavit.( The Affidavit is viewable on the next slide and may be printed from the Forms box on the Libguides page.) 2. Complete the 4 prerequisite courses with a grade of C or higher and within the departmental required time limits. 3. Have a 2.5 GPA on all prerequisite/core courses completed. 4. Complete 10 hours of observations: 5 in a private dental office and 5 in the HGTC Dental Hygiene Clinic. 5. View the online Department Information Session found on 6. May not have more than two unsuccessful attempts in your Dental Hygiene prerequisite/core courses. 3. Hor ry Ge orge town T E C H N I C A L C O L L E G E ITEM #1 Additional Admission/Placement Requirements Affidavit BEFORE PROCEEDING: THIS DOCUMENT IS REQUIRED BEFORE STUDENT CAN BE ADMITTED TO AN APPLICABLE PROGRAM OF STUDY. Certain programs of study at Horry-Georgetown Technical College carry additional requirements beyond regular admission and academic requirements before a student may either be placed into the program and/or be placed into a class that occurs in a clinical environment (hospital, office, public clinic, etc.). Those additional requirements may include satisfactory completion of: Criminal Background Check (CBC), Urine Drug Screening (UDS), and health exam/ physical/ immunization requirements. All costs associated with additional requirements are the sole responsibility of the student and in no way are the responsibility of Horry-Georgetown Technical College. All students will be required to purchase the correct background check package as noted in the Student Background Check, Drug Screening and Immunization/Health Information Process packet. Failure to comply with the additional requirement(s) for your identified program of study, or failure to comply with requirements to complete a CBC, UDS and/or health exam/ physical/ immunization, or failure to complete or provide proof of completion of additional requirements by the stated deadline (varies by program, but usually within 30 days prior to the beginning semester of clinical/field experience), and/or unsatisfactory results on additional requirements (positive drug test, unacceptable criminal background, etc.) WILL make you ineligible for admission for placement or to continue in the program of study and/or clinical class(es) as appropriate. *Note: Students who have not previously been enrolled in a clinical for more than one semester and/or should your enrollment be interrupted (you miss a semester), new results for background checks, urine drug screening and/or health/immunization will be required. All fees and costs associated with any checks, screenings or immunization are the sole responsibility of the student. Certification of Understanding I, , certify that I have read this statement and understand its implication on my current and future enrollment as a student at Horry-Georgetown Technical College, up to and including removal from any appropriate class and/or program(s) of study for failure to comply with outlined additional requirements. In addition I also certify that I will notify the College of any arrests or criminal charges filed against me (the student) subsequent to completing this form; and any situations or incidents that occur after the background check/drug test has been purchased (including taking any illegal drugs). Failure to notify the College may result in dismissal from the program. _ Signature Date _ / _/ Print Name Date of Birth _ _ Student H# Oceans of Possibilities 4. Dental Hygiene Courses Required GPA of 2.5 with only Cs or higher accepted Prerequisite Courses ENG 101* English Composition CPT 101 -Introduction to Computers (5 yr. time limit) BIO 210 *** Anatomy and Physiology I CHM 105 or 110 General, Organic, and Biochemistry or College Chemistry Core Courses BIO 211 Anatomy and Physiology II (5 yr. time limit) BIO 225 Microbiology (5 yr. time limit) SPC 205 Public Speaking PSY 201 General Psychology SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology MAT 101** Beginning Algebra Humanities choose one humanities(ART 101, 105, 108, ENG 201, 202, 205, 206, 208, 209,214,224,FRE 201,202,HIS 101,102,201,202, MUS 105, PHI 101, 110, 201, REL 103, SPA 201, 202, THE 101) *English Progression/dependent on test scores: ENG 032-ENG 100-ENG 101 ENG 102 **Math Progression/dependent on test scores: MAT 032-MAT 101 ***BIO 210 has a prerequisite of BIO 101, BIO 112 or CHM 110 or the required test scores: Compass: Reading 85, Writing 78, Algebra 46 SAT: Verbal - 480, Math 440 ACT: Reading -19, English 19, Math-21 5. Information Session with the Department Chair This is an online session which the Dental Hygiene faculty created to tell you about classes, clinicals, fees, jobs, and many things you need to know about working in the field of Dental Hygiene - a great time to have your questions answered. Information and instructions on completing the required 10 hours of observations 5 in a private dental office and 5 in the Dental Hygiene clinic on HGTCs Grand Strand Campus are included in this Information Session. You will also need to have the Information Packet found in your Libguides forms box available when viewing this information session. The link to view the online Department Information session is available on your health science Libguides page, 6. The scoring criteria in the previous slide is used to determine which applicants will be accepted into the Dental Hygiene program. 18 students with the highest number of points are accepted each year. Every year varies but the last two application periods students with 30 and 32 points or higher were admitted. Obtaining these points does not guarantee acceptance. Acceptance depends on your points vs. the points of the other applicants at that time. Therefore admissible points may change each review period. Acceptance into the DHG program is limited and competitive. There is no guarantee of acceptance. Your grades are very important. Even though the minimum GPA requirement is 2.50 you should strive for a much higher GPA. 7. Be the Best Applicant You Can Be! Applying with the highest number of points you can obtain is important!!! You may increase your points by: Taking 12 or more credit hours (excluding developmental courses) at HGTC. Applying for and obtaining residency status go to for a residency application. Obtaining a South Carolina drivers license and car registration (if the car is in your name) are normally an important part of this process. Read the application and instructions carefully. Applying with the best grades possible! You can also increase your points by increasing your GPA as you will see in the Academic Rigor section of the point criteria. You can use the calculator on the Libguides page to see how much your GPA will increase by retaking or taking a different course in the same prereq category and receiving a higher grade. Always check with financial aid before retaking any course. Taking or retaking the Compass test. There is a $30 retest fee but if you meet the scores listed on the application you will receive 3 more points when you apply well worth the $30! View registration information at and go to for study material. Also be sure to visit Wavenet Central for more Compass Prep Resources! Completing the Expanded Duty Dental Assisting course at HGTC view the STEPS session for Dental Assisting and speak with a Health Science Advisor to determine if this is a good option for you. Working in a Dental Office if you have worked in a Dental office for a full year within the last three years be sure to submit a letter from your employer, on letterhead, explaining your duties and providing the dates of your employment. Your employers contact information must be included. The DHG department will determine if you qualify for the Dental Experience points. 8. These requirements must be completed AFTER being accepted into the program. The college will provide you with the instructions about when to complete these requirements in your notification of initial acceptance into the program. Please plan ahead to cover the costs of these items. Failure to complete these requirements within the designated time frame will prohibit your progression into the program. Submit $500.00 deposit to reserve your seat. This is an out of pocket expense not covered by financial aid. Pass Certified Background Check and Drug Screening cost to you is $91.00. The return of an unfavorable CBS and/or UDS may result in student being removed from desired program. Clinical sites/facilities determine applicants eligibility to participate in clinical studies based on their policies. If you complete the background check before being instructed to do so you will have to redo it and pay the $91 again. Complete a Health Physical and submit proof of required immunizations. (Physical cost is your responsibility so plan ahead financially.) Show proof of current Health Care Providers CPR. You may take a class through HGTCs Workforce Development Department. Register at This course costs $69 and in addition will require the purchase of a book and mask. 9. EXPENSE STATEMENT FOR ENTERING DENTAL HYGIENE STUDENTS The following are the major expenses that a student will incur during enrollment in the dental