Data Citation: A Joint Declaration of Principles

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Presentation at HighWire 2014 Annual Meeting, covering the recent Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles

Text of Data Citation: A Joint Declaration of Principles

  • 1. Joan Starr California Digital Library @joan_starr Data Citation A Joint Declaration of Principles

2. Some things take a long time to build 3. 2 big ideas "sound, reproducible scholarship rests upon a foundation of robust, accessible data" 4. 2 big ideas "sound, reproducible scholarship rests upon a foundation of robust, accessible data" 5. 2 big ideas "data should be considered legitimate, citable products of research" 6. 2 big ideas "data should be considered legitimate, citable products of research" 7. 25+ organizations helped, including.. 8. Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles 1 Importance 2 Credit and Attribution 3 Evidence 4 Unique Identification 5 Access 6 Persistence 7 Specificity and Verifiability 8 Interoperability and flexibility Full Principles: 9. Joint Declaration Data should be considered legitimate, citable products of research. Data citations should be accorded the same importance in the scholarly record as citations of other research objects, such as publications. 1. Importance 10. Data citations should facilitate giving scholarly credit and normative and legal attribution to all contributors to the data, recognizing that a single style or mechanism of attribution may not be applicable to all data. 2. Credit and Attribution Joint Declaration 11. In scholarly literature, whenever and wherever a claim relies upon data, the corresponding data should be cited. 3. Evidence Joint Declaration 12. A data citation should include a persistent method for identification that is machine actionable, globally unique, and widely used by a community. 4. Unique identification etc.. Joint Declaration 13. Data citations should facilitate access to the data themselves and to such associated metadata, documentation, code, and other materials, as are necessary for both humans and machines to make informed use of the referenced data. 5. Access Joint Declaration 14. Unique identifiers, and metadata describing the data, and its disposition, should persist -- even beyond the lifespan of the data they describe. 6. Persistence Joint Declaration 15. Data citations should facilitate identification of, access to, and verification of the specific data that support a claim. Citations or citation metadata should include information about provenance and fixity sufficient to facilitate verifying that the specific timeslice, version and/or granular portion of data retrieved subsequently is the same as was originally cited. 7. Specificity and Verifiability Joint Declaration 16. Data citation methods should be sufficiently flexible to accommodate the variant practices among communities, but should not differ so much that they compromise interoperability of data citation practices across communities. 8. Interoperability and flexibility Joint Declaration 17. 46 organizational endorsements, including Endorsement: 18. An implementation example Dataverse generates a data citation for each deposited dataset compliant with the principles. Principle 2: Credit and Attribution Principle 4, 5, 6: Unique Id Access Persistence Principle 7: Specificity and Verifiability Dataverse exports all citation metadata in XML, JSON formats Principle 8: Interoperability and flexibility Creators, Year, Dataset Title, DOI, Data Repository, UNF, version (Resolves to landing page with access to metadata, docs, and data) Slide from Merc Crosas, Ph.D. Harvard University 19. Implementation Suggestions for Publishers Establish and enforce a mandatory data availability policy Upgrade data citation to references section In articles, cite data by claim Provide data citation guidelines for authors Recommend data repositories compliant with the Principles Build tools to access machine-readable metadata from datasets Endorse the principles and have an internal conversation about them: 20. Join the discussions Implementation Group, Dissemination Group Re-use these slides: Contact me: Spread the word