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Divide the class and make a song composition about culture and society and perform to the class.Activity

CULTURE . Is that complex whole which includes knowledge, beliefs, arts, morals, laws, customs, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by a human as a member of society.

4 aspects of complex wholeBELIEFS are conceptions that people accept as true about how the world operates and where individuals fit in it.

VALUES are general and shared perception of what is god, right appropriate and worthwhile, and important with regard to modes of conduct as in the case of self-reliance or obedience; and what which concerns states of existence like freedom of choice or equal opportunity.

3 elements that constitute the Filipino value system:1. Halaga it is the evaluative aspect as to what Filipinos find most virtuous which constitute three dimension:

(1) Pagkatao or selfworth (2) pakikipagkapwa-tao or dignified relationship with others(3) Pagkamaka-tao or compasion

2. Asal it is the expression of the evaluative aspect of Filipino value system which constitute three standards(1) Kapwa or relational(2) Damdamin or emotional (3) Dangal or honor

3. Diwa this refers to the kalooban or inner which in essence is intertwined reason and emotion.

NORMSAll societies have guidelines that govern moral standards and even the most routine aspects of life. Sociologist call the written and unwritten rules that specify the behaviors appropriate to specific situations as norms.

(1.) FOLWAYS these are norms that apply to routine matters like eating, sleeping, appearance, posture, use of appliances and relations to various people, animals and the environment.

(2.) MORES are norms that people define as pivotal to the well-being of the group.

SYMBOLS is any kind of physical phenomenon a word, an object, a color, a sound, a feeling, an odor, amovement, a taste to whichpeople assign a meaning or values.

LETS GO ONLINE!E-learning activity on Expressing Filipino Nationalism1. Look online for the article 10 Modern Ways to Express Filipino Nationalism by www.OurHappySchool.com2. Read the article and students comments below the web page.3. In the comment section below the page, add at least three (3) modern ways to express nationalism using the hash tag #MyWayToEpressFilipinoNationalism4. Print screen your posted/published comment. Submit it to your teacher.

Short quiz:Answer the following:1-4. What are the three aspects of complex whole of society and culture5-7. three elements that constitute of Filipino value system.8-9 three dimensions of halaga.