Curriculum design and community stakeholders

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Text of Curriculum design and community stakeholders

  1. 1. David Estrella Karina Leon Janella Maldonado Mara Asuncin Rojas
  2. 2. Individuals or institutions that are interested in the schools curriculum.
  3. 3. Links with the communities. The needs to be involved with the welfare of the community and environment around the institution.
  4. 4. The need to have employees that can interact and communicate at an advanced level of English. The requirement of learners to have ethical and moral values and to work in teams and collaborate.
  5. 5. Institutions have to respond to the demands of the Ministry of Education for educational development and innovation CES and the academic system have a major impact on the curriculum.
  6. 6. Community members need to be included in the school boards. Some can become resource speakers. They can provide local and indigenous knowledge in school curriculum.
  7. 7. Thank you Have you got any questions?