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  1. 1. 1` ````` ````` ````` Cub Scouting Program Change Diamond Rock District Roundtable April 9, 2015
  2. 2. Cub Scouts Timeline 1930-2014 2 1930s Dens, boy led Joining Age: 9 Bobcat, Wolf (9), Bear (10), Lion (11) Knickers I (name) promise to do my best to be square and to obey the Law of the Pack.
  3. 3. Cub Scouts Timeline 1930-2014 1940s Monthly Program Themes / Roundtable Joining Ages: Cub Scouts, 8; Boy Scouts 11 Requirement regarding previous ranks eliminated All rank badges can be worn Blue and Gold banquets Den Mothers must register 1950s Pinewood Derby New Promise: I (name), promise to do my best to do my duty to God and my country, to be square and to obey the Law of the Pack. Webelos Den for 10 yo who had earned the Lion rank to encourage transition to BS Webelos Day Camp program introduced. 1960s Cub Scouting undergoes thorough revision for greater advancement opportunities Goodbye Lion! New Webelos program 3
  4. 4. Cub Scouts Timeline 1930-2014 1970s Woman as Cubmaster Arrow of Light rank New Promise: I (name), promise to do my best to do my duty to God and my country, to help other people, and to obey the Law of the Pack. Embroidered Bobcat badge Revisions to rank requirements and electives to encourage more outdoor activity. Rocket Derby 1980s Tiger Cubs / Tiger Track Big Bear Book: 24 achievement choices Whittling Chip Webelos: Full 2 years and more camping Separate neckerchiefs per rank Cub Leader Knots BSA Family Program World Crest 1990s Tiger Cubs part of the pack Academics and Sports Program (belt loops) Ethics in Action It Happened to Me YPT video Guide to Safe Scouting Webelos Leader Outdoor Training Webelos Den Leader Guide National Den Award 4
  5. 5. Cub Scouts Timeline 1930-2014 2000s Pack Family Camping Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award Character Connections/Core Values Tiger Cub becomes a rank Tiger Cub 1st handbook, blue shirt Age appropriate guidelines for LNT/award Good Turn for America 2010-2014 Develop and test the new Cub Scout Adventure Program. Resolve to: Adopt the Scout Oath and Law for use in the Cub Scout. Revise the Core Values of Cub Scouts to align with the twelve points of the Scout Law. Retain Duty to God, the current Cub Scout motto, sign, salute and handshake, and the concept of Akela as leader. Retire the Cub Scout Promise and Law of the Pack. 5
  6. 6. It happens. It must happen to stay relevant and dynamic for our youth. Glad we have Scouters like you leading the way! 6 Change
  7. 7. What were they thinking?
  8. 8. Organizing Principle: Design for All Cub Scout Ranks 8 Character Development Participatory Citizenship Personal Fitness Outdoor Skills & Awareness Leadership & Life Skills
  9. 9. 411 Task Force Structure 9 Approximately (75) Volunteers Nationally Representative Networked to other functions and discipline Religious Relations Committee Aquatics Task Force Program Impact Health & Safety Other Departments as well Governance through the Program Content Support Committee to the National Board Dec em ber
  10. 10. Change Summary: Maintain AIMS Develop a boys character Train him in good citizenship Encourage him to become more fit: physically, mentally, morally METHODS Living the Ideals Belonging to a Den Using Advancement: Revisions to Current System Involving Family and Home Participating in Activities Serving Home and Neighborhood Wearing the Uniform Making Character Connections: Scout Law 9
  11. 11. Change Summary: Enhance 10
  12. 12. * Current 4th graders have options Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos* Convert to new program June 1, 2015
  13. 13. New Program Model Rank Advancement Through Adventures For each rank, complete seven adventures: Adventures are interdisciplinary, theme-based experiences that take roughly three den meetings Immediate recognition after each adventure Elective adventures available (13 each Tiger-Bear, 18 for Webelos and AoL); same recognition approach (no more beads) Leader Materials Self-contained guides at each rank Simple and easy to use 13
  14. 14. New Program Model 7 Adventures = Rank Advancement More choice as boys age (fewer defined): Sets the stage for the freedom of choice with merit badges Immediate Recognition Device: No forms required Tiger/Wolf/Bear receive Belt Loops Webelos/AOL receive Pins 14 Rank Defined Adventures Elective Adventures Adventure Recognition Device Tiger 6 1 Belt LoopsWolf 6 1 Bear 6 1 Webelos 5 2 Pins Arrow of Light 4 3
  15. 15. Recognition Devices Tiger/Wolf/Bear receive new Belt Loops Webelos/AOL receive new Pins 15
  16. 16. Recognition Devices 16 Tiger Wolf Bear Webelos Arrow of Light Loops $1.39 Pins $1.89
  17. 17. Additional Recognition 17 Same award items, updated requirements World Conservation Award National Den Award Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award National Summertime Pack Award
  18. 18. Cub Scout Program Transition Arrow of Light Candidate Options 2015/2016 school year IF the Webelos rank is earned by May 31: Continue using current program for AOL rank award for this one year of transitioning 6/1/2015 to 6/1/2016 or Convert to new program June 1, 2015 May use electives earned in the current program not used towards receiving their Webelos badge to count them towards electives needed for AOL rank in new program. Example: 2014/2015 Webelos Rank earned; completed the following activity badges: Fitness, Citizen, Family Member, Forester, Naturalist, Sportsman, Traveler, Scientist, Artist 18
  19. 19. Newly Registered Arrow of Light (5th Grade) Candidate 2015 Options Utilize the new program requirements and handbook Must earn the Bobcat rank May substitute any of the new program Webelos required adventures for the three required electives of AoL Are not required to earn Webelos rank 19 Cub Scout Program Transition
  20. 20. Handbooks
  21. 21. Scout Handbooks 21 Snapshot Action photos Requirement Helpful ideas Character Compass
  22. 22. Scout Handbooks 22 Meet Ethan
  23. 23. Pack Leadership Support
  24. 24. There will be one den leader guide for each of the Tiger, Wolf, and Bear ranks, and one combined guide for the Webelos/Arrow of Light ranks. A sampler containing a few of the den meeting plans for Cub Scout leaders and their dens is available via the Program Updates page or by clicking here. 24 Den Leader Guides
  25. 25. Den Leader Guides 25 Rationale for Adventure Takeaways For Cub Scouts Requirement Listing Planning and Implementation notes to Den Leaders
  26. 26. Den Leader Guides 26 Clear and Complete Meeting Plan Preparation and Materials Needed Gathering Opening Talk Time Activities Explanation Step-by-step instructions Closing After the Meeting
  27. 27. Den Leader Guides 27 Resources All meeting resources follow the meeting plan Everything in one book!
  28. 28. Den Leader Guides 28 Resources Sample paperwork can be copied or paraphrased as needed Also Updated Cub Scout Leader Handbook How to Book of Cub Scouting
  29. 29. 29 Other support materials
  30. 30. Pack Meeting Plans 30 20152016 Clean Cubservation Brave Super Cub! Helpful Cubs In Action Reverent Winter Wonderland Trustworthy The Great Race Friendly Friends Near And Far Thrifty Cubstruction Cheerful Strike Up The Band Kind My Animal Friends Obedient It's A Hit Loyal Scout Salute Courteous S'More Cub Scout Fun 20162017 Helpful To The Rescue Kind Creepy Crawlers Courteous Cubs In Shining Armor Cheerful Celebrate Obedient Cub Scout City Council Reverent Passport To Other Lands Loyal Our National Treasures Thrifty Power Up! Clean A Picnic With Pizzazz Brave Roaming Reptile Alert Trustworthy Let The Games Begin Friendly #CUBSCOUTS September October November December January February March April May June July August Available now via
  31. 31. Program: Before and After
  32. 32. Bobcat Requirements Still required for all ranks 1. Learn and say the Scout Oath, with help if needed. 2. Learn and say the Scout Law, with help if needed. 3. Show the Cub Scout sign. Tell what it means. 4. Show the Cub Scout handshake. Tell what it means. 5. Say the Cub Scout motto. Tell what it means. 6. Show the Cub Scout salute. Tell what it means. 7. With your parent or guardian, complete the exercises in the pamphlet How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parents GuideBobcat Requirements. 32
  33. 33. Tiger Requirements 1. Complete each of the following Tiger required adventures with your den or family: a) Backyard Jungle b) Games Tigers Play c) My Family's Duty to God d) Team Tiger e) Tiger Bites f) Tigers in the Wild 2. Complete one Tiger elective adventure of your den or family's choosing. 3. With your parent or adult partner, complete the exercises in the pamphlet How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse: A Parent's Guide, and earn the Cyber Chip award for your age. 33
  34. 34. Tiger Requirements Take a 1-foot hike. Make a list of the living things you find on your 1-foot hike. Point out two different kinds of birds that live in your area. Be helpful to plants and animals by planting a tree or other plant in your neighborhood. Build and hang a birdhouse. With your adult partner, go on a walk, and pick out two sounds you hear in your "jungle." Family Activities Go outside and watch the weather. Character Connections - Faith Know: Discuss things about the weather that you know to be true, but you cannot see at the moment, such as is the sun still there although you only see clouds? Is the moon there, even though it is day? Can you see wind? Do you know that the rain will eventually stop? Do you have faith in other things you can't see? Commit: What makes it difficult to believe in things you cannot see? What he