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This PP was used at the UWE Geography Conference and was written by Dave Cousins who is the Head of Geography at Downend school in Bristol.

Text of Creative Curriculum Planning

  • 1. The post lunch slump? Just make sure you stay awake!

2. Creative Curriculum planning David Cousins - Downend School 3. 4 varied approaches to designing an engaging and challenging Geography curriculum.

  • Discovering a sense of wonder about places that are unknown to students.
  • Challenging students to begin to make sense of the 7 NC geographical concepts.
  • Extending knowledge and understanding about world events that will affect students lives.
  • Explaining reasons for the diversity of lifestyle and wealth in different parts of the world.

4. example 1 Fantastic Places! SVALBARD

  • Lesson aims:
  • To know the location of Svalbard.
  • )To have knowledge of the main human and physical characteristics of the area.

5. How would you translate this road sign? This is a sign found in many areas of Svalbard. On your world map take your road sign and put it where you think Svalbard is located. Before we visit Svalbard, describe to the person next to you what you will expect the place to be like. 6. 7. Example 2 What makes a Real Place ?

  • Learning Objective :
  • Can humans create or change places that can be considered to be "impossible?

8. Where are these 2 photoslocated ? Thefirst imageis The Venetian Resort inLas Vegas, USA - a hotel and casino with aVenice theme - situated in the Nevada Desert.Thesecond image is taken in Venice, on the north eastern coast of Italy.1 2 Which place is more "real"?Why are some places more "real" than others"? 9. The Skywalk

  • ... a step too far?

10. Recap.What do we mean by asense of place?

  • How can we define place?
  • What factors (human and physical) lead to a place having an identity?
  • Can only real places havea sense of identity?

11. example 3. The plan for the 2012 Olympics

  • Lesson Objective: To map where and understand how sites in the UK will be used for the Olympics.

12. The Olympic park site, east London. 13. How Londons Olympic stadium will look when it is built. Click on the bbc news clip to the left, (about 5 minutes long) to see the structure of the Olympic stadium being pieced together. What happens to the stadium at the end? What long lasting effect does it leave for the young boy in the future after 2012? The key term here isLEGACY 14. Inside the Olympic stadium. 15. Outside the Olympic stadium. 16. The Olympic village for athletes to live in.

  • Describe the artists impression that you see.
  • What do you think are the needs of the
  • athletes during the games?
  • Do you think that this village would be a
  • pleasant place to live for several weeks?
  • Give your reasons why.
  • The future
  • How might this area be used once the
  • games are over?

17. Aquatics centre during the games, part of the Olympic park. 18. The other sites for Olympic sports around the city of London. 12 sites around Londonaway from the Olympic park will hosts events for the Olympics. These include Hyde Park for the triathlon and Lords Cricket ground for the archery. Draw up a table for the positives and negatives of hosting the Olympics across the whole city. Now explain whether you think this is a good idea or a problem for London. 19. National venues for the Olympics away from London. Hampden Park, Glasgow Old Trafford, Manchester Millenium Stadium, Cardiff St James Park, Newcastle Villa Park, Birmingham (Olympic Park, London) Weymouth Bay and Portland 20. Wembley stadium, north west London, football venue. 21. Wimbledon, south west London,tennis venue. What advantages are there to Wimbledon being used as the tennis venue? How do you think the athletes feel using this venue and not being 20 miles away in the Olympic park? What are the benefits and problems for local residents when the tennis is running? 22. Eton, west of London, rowing and kayaking venue. This lake is man made. By looking at the photo, list reasons that prove that it is not a natural lake. The British rowers are hoping to win lots of medals here. Why do you think that they might have a advantage to racing on their home lake? Think of as many factors as you can. 23. Weymouth and Portland, Dorset sailing venue. 24. Weald country park, north east London,mountain biking course. The officials for the Olympics have chosen a park north of London to host the mountain biking. Why do you think that the organisers chose a site close to London and not a hilly rural area such as the mountains of Wales or the Lake District? This course is very flat. Do you think this will affect the riders and who wins? 25. example 4. Diversity in India Learning Objective : To understand the inequalities that exist in India today. 26. Why are there inequalities if India is thought to be one of the next super powers?? 27. You are going to take a tour around Asia's largest slum, Dharavi, which lies on prime property right in the middle of India's financial capital, Mumbai (Bombay).A slum is an area which has poor housing and living conditions, over crowded, and will often have lots of disease and crime. 28.

  • Background information
  • It is home to more than a million people.
  • It is one unending stretch of narrow dirty lanes, open sewers and cramped huts.
  • Rents here can be as low as 185 rupees (2.20) per month
  • Many residents have a small colour television
  • Dharavi also has a large number of thriving small-scale industries that produce embroidered garments, export quality leather goods, pottery and plastic.