Creating Engaging Education for the Next Generation of REALTORS®

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One of the biggest challenges facing associations is not just improving the value of membership, but proving the value of membership, especially to the next generation of REALTOR members. Education, formerly a cornerstone of association services, has lost its luster. Topics that were once all the rage (social media, technology, video) no longer carry the buzz they once did, as they are second nature to young professionals and new members who may have used those tools extensively in a previous career. Recognize how to use the resources at your disposal to abandon the status quo and revamp your educational offerings to engage the next generation of in new and innovative ways, and bring association membership value to the forefront. MORE AT


<ul><li> 1. Creating Engaging Education for the Next Generation of REALTORS Maura Neill ABR, CRS, CDPE, e-PRO, MRP, REALTOR 2014 Maura Neill </li></ul> <p> 2. ONE WORD that describes the Professional Development offerings at your board/association. In-Session Poll 3. Survey Results Our board doesnt screen instructors to find out if theyre even qualified My association thinks its ok for mandatory CE to be boring because we have to be there. No one asks us what we want to learn. I need classes that will actually help me make more money. 4. Photo credit: 5. Shift Membership Shift Market Shift Education Shift Photo credit: 6. Discuss Regarding Professional Development: What are 3 things your association does well? What are 3 things your association could do better? 7. What Does Next Generation Mean? Photo credit: 8. What Does Next Generation Mean? Photo credit: 9. Young Professional vs. Next Generation 10. Photo credit: 11. 88% = 6+ years 12. In-Session Poll In your opinion, what is the value of education/professional development to your Members careers? 13. REALTORS said: 14. In-Session Poll How important is it to your Members that they receive CE credit for education/professional development? 15. REALTORS said: 16. Source: Defense Centers of Excellence Generational Learning Styles Report Generational Learning 17. Gen X/Y - Learning Informal, incidental learning Short attention span Requires integration of technology and media in learning (webinars, social networking sites, Avatars) Personalized learning through customized environment Source: United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund - Overcoming Generational Gap in the Workplace 18. Baby Boomer/Traditionalist - Learning Informational learning style Traditional classroom style preferred More receptive to learning through participating More receptive to one-on-one coaching and criticism Source: United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund - Overcoming Generational Gap in the Workplace 19. Discuss What was the best-attended class (or the class that got the best reviews) that your Association has offered? What was the least well-attended class? How were they different? 20. Hot Topics #1 Technology - #2 Business Practices #3 Lead Generation - #4 Marketing - #5 Ethics 21. Other Topics for Discussion Designations and Certifications Best class ever and why? Least favorite class ever and why? Value of video and/or live-streaming (and would they be willing to pay for it?) Overall opinion of the Association Ideas for improvement 22. Discuss Come up with a plan for your Focus Group: Whom can you enlist to help? What questions would you ask? How will you track results? Write down a date by which you will have it scheduled. 23. Need an instruction manual to hold your own focus group? 24. Connect: Connect With Me </p>


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