Creating Effective Websites

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This presentation was given during the Utah Valley University Entrepreneurial Conference in April 2009. This Presentation describes certain elements that should be reviewed to create an effective website strategy.

Text of Creating Effective Websites

  • 1.building success out of virtual nothing

2. Physical Interaction with Virtual Purpose Driven Design Characterize Customers 3. Poor Layout Design Poor Color Scheme Poor Text/Information Poor Graphics/Images 4. To Get Customers into Your Store?To Capture Contact Information?To Sell a Product?To Have Customers Contact You?To Promote Yourself as an Expert?To Gain Credibility as a Business?To Provide a Useful Service?To Exist? 5. Google.Com 6. Attention Interest Desire Action 7. Extraverted or Introverted Sensing or iNtuition Thinking or Feeling Judging or PerceivingProtectors (SJ)Creators (SP) The Overseer (ESTJ) The Persuader (ESTP) The Supporter (ESFJ) The Entertainer (ESFP) The Examiner (ISTJ) The Craftsman (ISTP) The Defender (ISFJ) The Artist (ISFP)Myers-Briggs Intellectuals (NT) Visionaries (NF) The Chief (ENTJ) The Mentor (ENFJ) The Originator (ENTP) The Advocate (ENFP) The Strategist (INTJ) The Confidant (INFJ) The Engineer (INTP) The Dreamer (INFP) 8. 43 % of all People40% of Males46% of Femalesreliable, diligent, industrious, persevering Career Matches motivated to maintain security Auditor Accountantrequire tasks be completed correctly Scientistrequire people behave appropriately Researcher Policenot driven by impulse, but rather by concrete fact Administratorquick to provide a solution, provided the need is justified Marketer Librarian attention to detail 9. 35.5% of all People36.5% of Males34.5% of Femaleslaid back, open-minded and love to feel alive Career Matches primarily driven by sensation Driver Marketerflexible and aesthetically-aware Paramedic/EMTquot;here and nowquot; people that go where their senses lead Social Worker Detective makes an effort not to miss an opportunity Project Managerhave a tendency toward athletics Child Care Militaryhave a tendency toward creating or crafting Scientist Mechanic 10. 10 % of all People15.5% of Males4.5% of Femalesanalytical, intellectual, independent and complex Career Matches introspective, logical and on a quest for knowledge Scientist Computer Programmer practical and unsentimental in problem solving situations Judgeactions are precise and follow a systematic course Teacher/Professor Lawyer/Attorney abstract, theoretical and technically adept Psychologistnaturally inventive Engineer Systems Analyst strong attention to detail Photographer 11. 11.5% of all People8% of Males15% of Females imaginative, creatively inclined and passionate Career Matchesintrospective, intuitive and highly idealistic Psychologist/Counselor Writer desire to contribute goodness and meaning to others lives Musician despise conflict Actor Artist will do everything to ensure loved ones get along Teacher/Professor effective through insightful and encouraging nature Social Worker Church Workerhave tendency toward creating or crafting Human Resources 12. By Creating a Script for Sale you can strategize about how your clientele will reach the final sale 13. Planning Will Create the Sale Different People Need Different Tactics Focused Purpose on Pages Create Opportunities Aesthetics Cause Subconscious Decisions