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Create your own open badges using the Jisc Open Badges Toolkit


<ul><li> 1. 10/11 June 2014 Martin Cooke, Jisc RSC Advisor Matt Aldred, Loughborough College </li></ul> <p> 2. Objectives: by the end of the session delegates will have explored the design creation management of badges for learning, motivation and accreditation 3. Open Badges what are they? (with acknowledgment to RSC Scotland) Digital representation of skills and achievements gained Essential information bakedin Issuer/Criteria/Evidence Verified by credible organisations Shared online with all via social media, blogs, websites Open Technical Standard Any individual, group or organisation can issue and verify Can be earned from multiple sources Earners can manage and share via Backpack 4. Open Badges evidence of employability skills and attributes not picked up in formal qualifications Showcase attributes alongside academic qualifications on a professional profile such as LinkedIn Employers can search online to identify individuals with the right mix of skills and attributes for a specific job Access evidence of the attributes or skills that have been badged Create and influence relationships with employers by having them endorse your badges and vice versa 5. Open Badge Design Kit 6. RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 6 7. What skills, attributes and understanding could students demonstrate in relation to your strategic driver? Activity 1: What is the badge for? Choose one of your drivers eg retention, esafety, employability What non-accredited activities or attributes relate to it? 8. Activity 2 Who, What and Why? In your group, take one of the activities or attributes you have noted and consider this in terms of a badge Use the inside section of the Toolkit and, work through this for one of the credentials. Then work on a credential your partner has developed. Who would the badge be awarded to? What criteria would need to be met Why? 9. badgemaker project 10. 11. badgemakerproject 12. 13. Khan Academy Meteorite badges are common and easy to earn when just getting started. Moon badges are uncommon and represent an investment in learning. Earth badges are rare. They require a significant amount of learning. Sun badges are epic. Earning them is a true challenge, and they require impressive dedication. Black Hole badges are legendary and unknown. They are the most unique Khan Academy awards. 14. RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 14 Borders College Using Open Badges to: Motivate learners and improve retention through stepped achievements Encourage staff CPD Enhance employability through recognising soft / additional skills Improve digital literacies with Moodle Open Badges Improving motivation / enhancing employability 15. Open Badges Jobs/Volunteering - doing specific job or volunteering Interest/Project/Hobby Group/Affiliation Events attending or participating in events or traveling Attribute/Habits character traits or attitudes Awards/Honours/Titles certification, award, or title Skill/Knowledge - skill or possession of knowledge 15 16. Top down or bottom up? 17. Plymouth College: Moodle Medals set of standards in Moodle VLE Bronze, Silver and Gold awards enhanced quality of materials, resources and content of courses. Quality framework - more structured approach to courses 18. Plymouth College: Moodle Medals See sheet for detail of criteria Bronze at least 3 uploaded PDF docs easy navigation with course menu or similar student handbook or course planner calendar reading or resource list glossary use of images separate assessment or assignment schedule 50% learners active 19. Catmose College Example of filled-in design sheet 20. Blackboard and Bb MOOC Using badges in Blackboard MOOC Badges: New Currency for Professional Credentials 21. What do you want to badge and why? Ensure your badge system can grow Think about constellations and pathways design considerations 22. Activity 3: Toolkit: design the badge Think about brand unified look shape visual themes logo size font 1 2 23. Open Badges Tools Jisc Open Badges Design Sheet Mozilla BadgeKit you need to register DigitalMe Resources - Issuing platforms include: Wordpress Moodle Blackboard Edmodo Design platforms include: Badgemaker - - RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 23 Some tools to help you get started 24. 25. Badge System Design template 26. RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 26 27. 28. Badge brand design RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 28 Considerations How will the badge visual design represent you? What consistent visual identifiers will you use for key elements of your badges? Who will design your badge brand design? What systems or tools will you use to design your badge? 29. 29 30. Toolkit 30 Like many things, you never really realise just how much goes into creating a badge. From the outside, it looks just like a simple graphic How hard can it be? Five minutes in Photoshop, maybe, if that! In fact, theres so much more to it. Cosmetically, yes, its a graphic, but under it all, the metadata is what makes it tick and to plan it, is a massive planning process: Once you get into the planning process, considering the earners, the viewers, the endorsers and the issuers it all starts to make a bit more sense. Yes youre forced to run through all the planning in order to make a badge that works but in doing this, you have something far more valuable. 31. Moodle 2.5 includes Open Badges Part 1 - Part 2 Setting up the Quiz and Looking at Badges Part 3 Making the Badge Part 4 Setting up the Backpack Part 5 Getting my Badge Part 6 Getting my Badge pt 2 Moodle is the first widely-used platform to support badges. Teachers can now design and award their own badges for any users on their sites, using their own criteria. These badges are compatible with the Open Badges standard from Mozilla, and can be used outside Moodle as well. For more on open badges: open badges in Moodle 2.5 32. When logged on as a teacher or admin in Moodle you will be able to use badges in the Admin block 33. May 2014: tools will be available for free, public use 34. Making a badge with Inkscape 35. Open Badge Designer 36. Open Badge Designer 37. 38. Who is involved? (with acknowledgment to RSC Scotland) Issuer A credible organisation Who decides? SMT sign-off? Keep it informal? Tutor/Trainer or Peers Earner Learner with evidence of prior learning Individual participating in new learning or skills Individual achieving a designated task Audience Prospective employers Education providers Friends and social groups 39. Who endorses? you need the Endorser of the badge to be a leading name/organisation/company in order for the badge to carry extra value especially when you consider its transferability also works for the private sector no-one would have to repeat training undertaken for another organisation!! 40. Find out more 12/06/2014 Title of presentation (Go to View menu &gt; Header and Footer to edit the footers on this slide) 41 Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND Matt Aldred Learning Technologist, Loughborough College 41. Find out more 12/06/2014 Title of presentation (Go to View menu &gt; Header and Footer to edit the footers on this slide) 42 Jisc RSC East Midlands Martin Cooke, Advisor Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND </p>