Cool Tools for Academic Reference/Instruction Librarians

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by Jenny Dale, UNCG Part of the NCLA's RASS/DLIG "Current Trends in Reference" online conference March 14, 2013

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  • 1. Cool Tools for Academic Reference/InstructionLibrarians Jenny Dale UNC GreensboroImage credit: Tools by zzpza on flickr. [CC BY 2.0]

2. Tutorials! 3. Do you ever make tutorials?A. All the time!B. Ive tried it before.C. No, but Id like to.D. Never, and I dont ever want to. 4. Jing What? Free downloadable screencasting software Where? Why? Free! Easy! Fun! Create screencasts or screencaps on the fly 5. Screenr What? Cloud-based screen recorder Where? Why? Free! Easy! Web-based! Create screencasts and share instantly, even oniDevices 6. Screencast-o-Matic What? Cloud-based screen capture recording Where? Why? Free! Easy! Records up to 15 minutes! 7. Image credit: Wheel by Pauline Mak on flickr. [CC BY 2.0] 8. ANimated Tutorial SharingProject (ANTS) What? Repository of library/research tutorials Where? (project website) Videos uploaded to YouTube and Blip Why? Repository of tutorials that are not library-specific Easy sharing and embedding 9. MERLOT What? Peer reviewed online teaching and learningmaterials Where? Why? See whats already out there and whats beendone well 10. Learnist What? Like Pinterest, only fewer pictures of food Where? Why? Find relevant boards and share them withstudents and colleagues Create your own boards to organize usefulwebsites, tutorials, and videos 11. Dynamic presentations!Chemistry Day 001 by pennstatenews on flickr [CC BY-NC 2.0] 12. Prezi What? Free Flash-based and web-based presentationtool Where? Why? Creates slick, dynamic presentations Good for classroom, professionaldevelopment, and even self-paced tutorials 13. Projeqt What? dynamic presentations for a real-time world Where? Why? Easily integrate images, videos, PDFs Take an existing presentation and make it fancy 14. In the classroom and beyond!Classroom in the Afternoon by Thomas Favre-Bulle on flickr [CC BY-NC 2.0] 15. How often do you teach or train?A. Teaching is life, the rest is just details.B. I teach fairly often.C. I teach once or twice a semester/season.D. I never teach. 16. Google Docs What? Cloud-based document creation and sharing Where? Why? Create interactive class activities that can beshared publicly and edited by students 17. What? Free, web-based concept mapping software Where? Why? Students can create their own concept maps inclass to help brainstorm keywords and searchterms 18. PollEverywhere What? Free online survey tool Accepts responses from web interface as well asmobile devices Where? Why? Real time assessment data 19. Google forms What? Easy to use form-creation tool Where? Why? Great for assessment and surveys Could be used to create dynamic onlineworksheets 20. How do you keep up to date withtechnology and tools?A. BlogsB. ColleaguesC. ConferencesD. A combination 21. Keeping up through NCLA Visit the Technology and Trends RoundtableBlog:http://nclatechandtrends.wordpress.comfor information on upcoming webinars andother professional development events!