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  1. 1. Cooks & Books Tampa Bay Library Consortium September 15, 2015 Maitland Public Library
  2. 2. Maitland Public Library Ellen Schellhause, MSLS Director Stacie Larson, MSLS Manager of Public Services Mary Daniels Youth Services Coordinator
  3. 3. Agenda How & why MPL has cooking programs How YOU can do it MPLs Dream Kitchen Fresh for Kids Demo: Guacamole Adult Demo: Chili & Cornbread Waffles Eating!
  4. 4. Why cook at the library? Engage patrons They trust us Programs, not products Can increase use of library materials Improve patrons lives Introduction to new cultures Health benefits
  5. 5. Cooking at the Maitland Public Library 2008: Ha Roda, author of James Beard Foundation Award nominated cookbook, A Vietnamese Kitchen, moved to Maitland 2011: Learning & Cultural Center founded Patrons want to share their food!
  6. 6. Cultural Cooks Vietnamese Italian Cuban Venezuelan Caribbean West African (Liberia & Cameroon) American Southern Puerto Rican Cooking Up Culture (for kids)
  7. 7. Healthy Maitland Winter Park Health Foundation created Healthy Central Florida initiative to combat diabetes, heart disease, and obesity in Winter Park, Maitland, and Eatonville
  8. 8. Healthy Maitland Member, Healthy Maitland team since January 2012 Creator of Maitland Walks Annual 5K Race Yoga classes at the Library Active Aging Week
  9. 9. Healthy Cooking Vegetarian Gluten-Free Healthy Chefs of Maitland Fresh for Kids
  10. 10. Other Cooking Easy Entertaining Summer Cooking Cupcake Class Upcoming: Living with Diabetes Do-It-Yourself Lunch Boxes Chocolate Lovers
  11. 11. Entertaining at the Library Tea, coffee at adult programs Nibbles and Kool-Aid at youth programs Quarterly Afternoon Teas Volunteer Appreciation Summer Reading Princess & Fairy Tale Holiday
  12. 12. Facilities the Basics Sink Fire extinguisher Tables Adjustable High Strength Plastic Table, 6-foot, $152.00 from K-Log
  13. 13. Equipment Ha brought her own. Portable home electrics are relatively cheap, easy to store, and generally acceptable to the Fire Marshal.
  14. 14. Equipment Burners: $43, Amazon Duxtop, Single Burner Induction $79.99, Amazon Triple burner Do Not Buy! Not enough power! $11.99, Amazon
  15. 15. Other Useful Appliances Electric wok - $60-$100 Electric skillet - $25-$50 Crock-pot - $20-$50 Toaster oven - $25+ No Fry-Daddy!
  16. 16. Kitchen Gadgets Youll Want Spatulas (4/$9 Amazon; 4/$5 HomeGoods) Measuring cups & spoons Can opener Big spoons Strainer/colander Decent knives
  17. 17. Sourcing Equipment Amazon is easy, not always cheap Wayfair (call them to get a dedicated buyer) Old Time Pottery Christmas Tree Shop Dollar Tree HomeGoods IKEA Restaurant supply store Big boxes: Wal-Mart, Target, BB&B
  18. 18. Serving Disposable vs. Washable Initial investment Cost over time Hygiene Storage Environmental concerns Have serving plates, bowls, utensils Cooks can bring own pots & pans
  19. 19. Dress-Up Tablecloths Cheap from Christmas Tree Shop Make your own with 60x84 fabric from Wal-Mart Easy to wash up Adds elegance, hides ugly meeting room tables! Tea & Coffee Service Cups & saucers Coffee is cheap per cup Use individually wrapped tea bags no Celestial Seasons Printed Napkins cocktail & dinner
  20. 20. Deciphering the [Fire] Code
  21. 21. NFPC & LSC The National Fire Prevention Code defines most libraries as Assembly Occupancies Prohibits open flames Requires additional care for grease-laden vapors The Life Safety Code allows small open flames for existing Assembly Occupancies Conflict?
  22. 22. So, what to do? Talk to your Fire Marshal first. Ask how you can do cooking demos (not if!). Our Marshals answer: our quantities and frequency are small so No open flames Household electrics ok Have fire extinguisher handy No deep frying; no light frying without lid
  23. 23. Hygiene Standards Chapter 64E-11.001(1), Food Hygiene General, of the Florida Administrative Code states Food operations occurring at facilities or premises other than what is defined in Section 381.0072, F.S., are not regulated by this chapter. Florida Statutes 381.0072 defines which institutions are subject to inspection by county Departments of Health
  24. 24. Hygiene Standards Libraries are not on that list However, some inspectors could rule libraries are covered by Other Food Service Talk to your local inspector before starting Even if youre not subject to inspection, practice good hygiene!
  25. 25. Risk Management Risk managers exist to protect county Their role is to figure out where it can go wrong Seek their help in making it work: How do I? vs. Can I? Refer them to other counties who already approved: Orange, Broward, St. Johns
  26. 26. Where to Find Teachers Patrons! County Extension Service Master Food & Nutrition Volunteers Community colleges Restaurants Outreach Health organizations
  27. 27. Where to Find Money Local clubs Rotary Womens Club Kiwanis Other Civic Organizations
  28. 28. Where to Find Money Regional Health Organizations Winter Park Health Foundation Health Foundation of South Florida (Miami) Quantum Foundation (West Palm) Palm Healthcare Foundation (West Palm) Allegheny Franciscan Ministries (Tampa, Palm Beach, Broward, Dade) Gulf Coast Community Foundation (Venice) Blue Foundation (Blue Cross Blue Shield)
  29. 29. The Future of Cooking at MPL
  30. 30. Where We Are Now Two adjustable leg 6-foot tables 6 6-foot tables, with cloths, for audience Portable electric devices Assorted gadgets Glass catering plates Silverware Coffee & tea
  31. 31. Where We Are Now
  32. 32. Issues to Be Addressed Tables got wobbly over time used a LOT Sanitation difficult water must reach 140 to sanitize No real baking facilities Three-burner stove is low power Cooks arent keen on makeshift space now that they know good space is coming Storage at a premium
  33. 33. How Were Changing Previous relationship with WPHF WPHF suggested getting grant for proper kitchen We asked how much? Expected $11,000ish WPHF said $40,000! WPHF funded kitchen Elder health working group $18,000 Community health working group $18,000
  34. 34. What Is Changing Kitchen contractor designed floorplan Includes storage Full-size refrigerator & oven Apartment-size dishwasher 2-burner induction range Garbage disposal (would that we had one in kitchenette!)
  35. 35. Maitlands Dream Kitchen
  36. 36. Maitlands Dream Kitchen
  37. 37. Maitlands Dream Kitchen
  38. 38. Maitlands Dream Kitchen
  39. 39. Menu Three-bean chili Cornbread waffles Guacamole Dill dip
  40. 40. In Sum . . . Cooking programs interest and benefit your patrons. Build your community relationships. Ask your inspectors for help. Start small; you dont need to be fancy to succeed.
  41. 41. Following Up Adult programs Youth programs - Director for PowerPoint and recipes