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Group D Proudly Presents....... Ilham Kurnia (200912570242) Tati Hayati (20091250104 8) Andri Mulyadi (200912501023 ) 2012 2012

Contrasting Indonesian & English Diphthongs

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A powerpoint presentation based on the "Contrastive Linguistics & Error Analysis" course offered by the University of Unindra, Jakarta, Indonesia

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  • 1. Group DProudly Presents.......Ilham Kurnia(200912570242)Tati Hayati(200912501048)Andri Mulyadi(200912501023)20122012

2. Contrasting & AnalyzingIndonesian and English PhonologicalSystems:Diphthongs 3. Centering diphthongs/I / e.g: beer, beard, fear, pierce, Ian, here./ / e.g: sure, moor, tour, obscure./e / e.g: where, wear, chair, dare, stare.there. 4. Closing Diphthong Endingin /I/ and / //eI/ e.g: cake, way, weigh, say,pain, they, vein./I/ e.g : toy, avoid, voice, enjoy,boy./aI/ e.g : high, tie, buy. Kite,might, cry, eye./ u/e.g : go, snow, toast, home,hello, although./a / e.g : h ouse, loud, down,/eI/ 5. /aI/ pronounced like the word eye/au/ pronounced like the ow in cow andnow/Iu/ combines the ee-oo sound/Io/ combines the ee-o sounds/Ia/ combines the ee-a sounds/ua/ is similar to the wa sound in watch/uI/ Combines the oo-ee sound/oI/ Combines the o-ee sounds 6. the21stcenturyeducatorpresented by: Kim Cofinoprofessional blog: http://mscofino.edublogs.orgpresentation resources: http://21stcenturyeducator.wikispaces.com/Q & ASimilarities between Indonesian & English/aI/ (pronounced like the word eye, forinstance, Pantai)/aI/ Characteristics : The lips move from neutral,to loosely spread. For instance high./au/ (pronounced like the ow in cow andnow for instance Pulau )/a / Characteristics : The lips start neutral, with amovement to loosely rounded. For instance house./oI/ (Combines the o-ee sounds, forexample Boikot)/I/ Characteristics : The lips start open androunded, and change to neutral. For instance: toy. 7. blogexpress yourselfDifferences between Indonesian & English/Iu/ combines the ee-oo sound. For instance, Siul /I/ Characteristics : The lips are neutral, but with a smallmovement from spread to open.e.g : beer,/Io/ combines the ee-o sounds. For instance, Biola / / Characteristics : The lips are loosely rounded,becoming neutrally spread.e.g : sure,/Ia/ combines the ee-a sounds. For instance, Siapa /e/ Characteristics :. The lips remain neutrally open.e.g : where,/ua/ is similar to the wa sound in watch. For Instance, Uang /eI/ Characteristics : The glide begin in the position for /e/,moving up and slightly back towards /I/. The lips are spread.e.g : cake,/ui/ Combines the oo-ee sound. For instance, Buih / u/Characteristics : The glide begins in a position for //,moving up and back towards //. The lips are neutral, buutchange to loosely rounded.e.g : go, 8. Error Analysis on DiphthongsThere is only one kind of vowel sound in Bahasa Indonesia.Diversities or differences are more than similarities.Less practice.Fewer chances in opening dictionary. 9. Solutions to the ErrorsAccustom yourself to speaking in English.Open up your dictionary.Communicate to foreigners frequently. 10. Presented byIlham Kurnia (200912570242)Tati Hayati (200912501048)Andri Mulyadi (200912501023)