Constructivist Theory

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  • 1. By: Sandra V.

2. What is Constructivism? Key Figures Constructivism in a Classroom Constructivism in My Classroom 3. Constructivism: Idea that learners construct their knowledge Students learn by doing Students actively participate in their learning Students use critical- thinking skills Learning uses hands-on approach 4. Constructivism continued: Learner form what he/she comprehends orlearns Learner is self-directed, creative, innovative Learning is adjusting our mental models tonew experiences Student-centered 5. Jerome Bruner Believed constructivist learners are participatorylearners Spiral curriculum: students continue building onknowledge John Dewey Advocate for child-centered instruction Believed in progressive education 6. Lev Vygotsky Russian educational psychologist Developed social cognition Believed children had a zone of proximaldevelopment Anchored instruction: technology-based learning Scaffolding 7. Jean Piaget Influenced constructivist movement Developed the cognitive learning theory with 4stages Sensorimotor Preoperational Concrete Operational Formal Operational 8. Jean Piaget continued Learners move through three mechanisms: Adaptation Assimilation Accommodation 9. Teachers adapt to being facilitators Facilitators help students uncoverfacts/ideas Facilitators ask, instead of giving studentsinformation Facilitators provide guidelines to aid students Facilitators are in continuous dialogues withstudents 10. Facilitator and students equally participate inlearning Instruction is anchored with real-world context With technology students are more engaged Students are more cooperative and lesscompetitive Instructor uses: Web Quests, digitalmedia, videos, etc. 11. Students will be engaged with tasks to solvewith their knowledge Students will be engaged in hands-on activities I will serve as a facilitator and guide Students will work collaboratively 12. Students will work in groups Learning environment will support/challengestudents thinking Technology will be used as a form ofassessment 13. Clip Art Teachers Discovering Computers: Integrating Technology in aConnected World