Consolidation activity unit 3

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  1. 1. CONSOLIDATION ACTIVITY UNIT 3: P.P.P. MY LAST VACATIONS Ivan Trimio Programa de Formacin: Tcnico en Cocina N Ficha: 867061 CDA, Cajic
  2. 2. In my last vacation I went to the Humedal La Conejera with my classmates while we were learning about the ecology restoration of natural ecosystems in Bogot We saw different kind of birds while we were walking by the roads inside the Humedal La Conejera We were learning when we walked across the nature trails
  3. 3. I went to Santa Marta beach the last december while I was travelling across the Caribbean Coast I was swimming while the rest of the people played volleyball in to the sea
  4. 4. It was raining while we visited Guadalupe Mountain We were very hungry and tired so we looked for some food and
  5. 5. I rented a bike for a ride across the walled city while I was visiting Cartagena I drank a tropical juice becuse I was sweating after the bike ride I was astonished with the beauty of this city so I was taking a lot of pictures
  6. 6. I went with my hiking group for a walk to mountains near Bogot and we were looking at the natural species of flora and fauna We apreciated the beauty of the ecosystems located on eastern hills of Bogot city while we were crossing these nature trails
  7. 7. I was walking a lot of kilometers while I worked those sunny days in the caribbean coast I sold ecologycal bags in Cartagena`s beaches to pay my expenses while I was travelling under the caribbean sun