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powerpoint dealing with connectors for addition and concession

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  • 2. CONCESSION AND ADDITIONIt was raining He went out Nevertheless yet However
  • 3. CONCESSION AND ADDITIONHe went out The heavy rain Despite In spite of
  • 4. CONCESSION AND ADDITIONThough Even thoughShe was a hardworking She was firedperson
  • 5. CONCESSION AND ADDITIONThough She was fired Even thoughShe was a hardworkingperson
  • 6. CONCESSION AND ADDITIONShe was fired even She was a hardworking though person though although
  • 7. CONCESSION AND ADDITIONWomen look after their They work outsidehouses and kids their house Moreover Furthermore, In addition to this
  • 8. CONCESSION AND ADDITIONHe Not only plays the but He has other fantasticsaxophone talents as well.
  • 9. CONCESSION AND ADDITION Not onlyDoes he play the but He has other fantasticsaxophone talents as well.
  • 10. CONCESSION AND ADDITIONHealthy food as well as sports Can help obese people to lose weight.
  • 11. CONCESSION OR ADDITION?He is very smart. He often has lowmarks.They have a great coach. They lost thelast game.They have a great coach. They havethe best players. she seems quite clever. She has poorschool results. I need to talk to you. I know yourevery busy.
  • 12. CONCESSION OR ADDITION The service at this restaurant is excellent. The food is delicious. Ive never been to Argentina. I have relatives there. Said is a careful driver. Hes had several accidents. Khadija loves playing sport. Shes not very good at it. Amine is talented at music. He is gifted at art.
  • 13. GOT ITALL?