Community Challenge: Being A Higher Education Student (UCBC) Gp.2

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A ‘Community Challenge’ PowerPoint presentation by Jenna Walmsley, Chris Daley, Holly Archer and Tom Quinn of University Centre Blackburn College (UCBC), focusing on potential local developments in the Blackburn with Darwen area (for young people), with the ‘somewhereto’ organisation.

Text of Community Challenge: Being A Higher Education Student (UCBC) Gp.2

  • 1. A space for youth: is a charitable organisation that exists to help young people find unused local spaces and places, which they can then repurpose in order to engage in activities related to sport, culture and the arts. The local branch of somewhereto wishes to commission a small-scale piece of research, to find out: what local placesare available; how they can be matched-up to the interests of local youths; and, any issues/barriers that they may come-up against.
  • 2. Theft of a Theft from a Burglary other motor vehicle motor vehicle than in a 3% 8% dwelling 9% Violence Burglary in a against dwelling4436 person 0% 28% Sexual Offences Criminal Other 2% damage wounding Wounding or 31% 12% other act Theft endangering fromlife Robbery Harassment person1% 1% 4% 1%
  • 3. 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 Violence 0 Criminal Damage
  • 4. Region Comparison 1400 1200Anti-social behaviour 1000 800 Wigan 600 Rochdale Leeds 400 Blackburn 200 0
  • 5. Number of Offences10000 9000 8000 7000 6000 5000 4000 3000 Number of Offences 2000 1000 0
  • 6. Rochdale Anti Social behaviour rates follow the pattern already discovered. SCHOOL HOLIDAYS = MORE ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR
  • 7. Teenage Pregnancy Rate Leeds Wigan Rochdale Teenage Pregnancy RateBlackburn with Darwen 30 35 40 45
  • 8. Commercial Property to rentFrom 40 pwBLACK BULL OFFICES AND WORK SHOP., BLACKBURN ROAD, ROSSENDALE Key Features: Town Centre Location Large Storage/Room Two Storage Units UPVC Windows Parking Area to the Front Toilet Facilities
  • 9. The Rossendale Council Grant application process(previously Grants to Outside Bodies) opens on Monday21st March and closes at 12 noon on the 18th April 2011.The new grants scheme is open to all charities, constitutedgroups and organisations that are based in Rossendale orwork in the borough.
  • 10. Laminate Flooring from Toppes Tiles - 332.92Painting and Decorating - 150 for an assortment of paints
  • 11. 1. Would you like to see more places for you to go during your spare time?(a) Yes(b) No 4. Which of the following do you spend2. If yes, what would these places be? most of your spare time doing?(a) Parks (a) Sports(b) Youth Centres (b) Watching Television(c) Sports Pitches (c) On the streets with friends(d) Shopping Centres (d) Going to places set up for youth activities3. What activities would you like to be doing (e) Other (please state) in your spare time?(a) Sports 5. Would you be interested in attending(b) Drama and Arts and getting involved with new youth(c) Console games centres and the various activities(d) Watching Television put on?(e) Other (please state) (a) Yes (b) No
  • 12. A chance to meet invite the young people to help us decorate thecentre. A chance for the local people to come and ask any questions about our project and learn about what we do. A chance to get contacts within in the local area and advertise for volunteer work.
  • 13. Recruiting volunteers from the local area. Successful project leading to further support from the local authority employment opportunities.Filing for non-profit status Fundraising Receiving Donations Running various programs
  • 14.