Communication & public speaking

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Text of Communication & public speaking

  • 2. Communication & Public SpeakingI. Meaning of communication and its purpose.II. Important Facts About Public SpeakingIII. Fear vs. F.E.A.R.IV. Planning Your TalkV. Preparing Your TalkVI. The Talk Itself
  • 3. COMMUNICATION Communication is an exchange of meaning. Purpose:- To bring two or more hearts and minds together to become one.- To get your message across to others.
  • 4. Important Facts About Public SpeakingA. Good speakers are MADE, not BORN.
  • 5. B. Elements for Effective Public Speaking:1. Use your own style.2. Do not read your talk.3. Do not memorize the whole talk.4. Speaking does not have to be formal or so serious.
  • 6. C. Stage fright is not unnatural How to handle stage fright?a. Pray. Pray
  • 7. Fear vs F.E.A.R FAITH. Dependence on God. ENTHUSIASM. Much fervent feeling about the Lord. ANTICIPATION. Hoping for the best to come instead of being anxious. RESPECT. God called us and therefore we need to respect Him
  • 8. Planning Your TalkA. Study the expanded outline of the talk.B. Seek input from your elders/leaders.C. Analyze who your audience is.
  • 9. Preparing the TalkA. Pray.B. Read and internalize the expanded outline.C. Jot down and prioritize all the examples, stories and sharings for your talk.
  • 10. Preparing the TalkD. Write your introduction.1. The opening of a talk shoud be: a. Positive. b. Concise. c. Relevant. d. Continuity.
  • 11. 2. Methods of Opening a talk a. Ask a question. b. State an impressive fact. c. Tell a story. d. Present the goal or objective. e. Preview the topic. f. Make an emphatic statement. g. Give a sharing. h. Quote a Bible passage
  • 12. Preparing the TalkE. Flesh out the talk.F. Mark the important points of your talk outline.G. Write down you conclusion.
  • 13. The Talk ItselfA. Consult your elders.B. Keep the talk discipline.C. Duration of about 45 minutes
  • 14. Tips in giving a good talk1. Be conversational in tone.2. Use normal language.3. Make simple, not complex, points.4. Dont moralize or preach.5. Avoid arguments and criticism of others.6. Base the talk on the Bible.7. Use examples and stories from your own experience.
  • 15. Public Speaking CAN be Fun! :)