collections, digital collections, and user experiences

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What do we librarians need to consider when making digital collections available to our patrons?

Text of collections, digital collections, and user experiences

  • 1. collections, digital collections, and user experiences CONTENTdm users group meeting

2. Stephanie Chase Director of Library Programs and Services The Seattle Public Library @acornsandnuts 3. what keeps you coming to the same website again and again? visiting the same store? choosing one thing over another thing? a great user experience 4. what is your end goal? what do you have that the user needs or wants? how can you help the user get what they need and meet your goal? know thy user 5. this is what makes a great user experience 6. grandeur 7. ease of use 8. browsing 9. searching 10. 11. are your digital collections usable? can your target audience -- the user -- find what they need? youre not going to beat Google... and your users might expect you to be Google. challenge yourself 12. how can our valuable collections stand out in the noise? its not enough anymore to have it. users need to be able to incorporate what we have into their lives. content in an era of information parity 13. can you treat your digital collections in the same way you treat your physical? what experience can your collection provide regardless of format? how do patrons know what you have? digital is a format