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The Middle Atlantic Folklife Association and the New York State Folk Arts Roundtable hosted a conference in Cooperstown, New York entitled "Collections, Collections, Collections" from April 10 - 13, 2008. I participated in the panel, "Hidden Treasures: An Overview of the NY State Folklore and Folklife Collections held by the New York State Historical Association and the New York State Archives." This is my presentation from the panel session.

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  • 1. COLLECTIONSCOLLECTIONSCOLLECTIONS HIDDEN TREASURES PANEL: Overview of NYSHA & NY State Archives Folk CollectionsPresented by Ryan Anthony Donaldsonof the panel, with Florence Carnahan and Pamela Cooley Joint Meeting of the Middle Atlantic Folklife Association and the New York State Folk Arts Roundtable Cooperstown Graduate ProgramFenimore Museum AuditoriumCooperstown, NY11 April 2008 2:30-4:00PM

2. An Archive From Back to the Future - 3. ArchivesWithinArchives Collections and Files Maintained by the Archive of New York State Folklife, Bruce Buckley Folklife Collection, New York State Archives 4. ANYSF Antecedents::two key collections 1. H.W. Thompson Folklore Archive- Core Collection, 1934-1959 Manuscript archive (with illustrations and photographs) 1,688 student reports from New York State College for Teachers (later SUNY-Albany) & Cornell University 5. ANYSF: Earliest known recordingWeather Lore c.1940 (audio clip, digitized from reel-to-reel) 6. ANYSF Antecedents: two key collections 2. Louis C. Jones Folklore Archive Summer 1940- Spring 1946-Manuscript archive (unpublished) -Followed Thompsons lead with curriculum-based local community & family history projectsAlso includes:New York Student Folklore Contest (high school) -New York State Proverb Project -Grit Magazine Ghostlore Collection 7. ANYSF Antecedents: LCJ Folklore ArchiveSeven Main Categorization Subjects: Child-lore Local Legends Supernatural and Songs Folk Song Folksay (proverbs, remedies, place-names, agricultural and weather lore) Folkways and Customs Individuals and the Community Narrative and Folk HistoryWith many sub-headings*Index available at the NYSHA Library 8. Archive of New York State Folklife: By The Numbers1964-1983, core collection 1,200 projects 1,820 total recordings 1,800 reel-to-reel audio recordings- 7- 72% ANYSF audio-visual workstation 5- 24% studio in Bonnie trailer, c. 1975, CGP Slide Collection 3- 3% 20 video recordings helical scan, beta, vhs 9. Archive of New York State Folklife: OversizedArchitectural drawings Gravestone rubbings Portfolio & poster projects Material culture/ephemera 10. Archive of New York State Folklife:Contextual multi-media projects a/v, surveys, renderings, floor plans, tapes, photographs, barn reports 11. Traditional Music and StorytellingSon HouseRare Performances Heard Again Son House concert, with Creighton Linday and Leslie Riddle, Cooperstown High School, 1971. Photos by Milo V. Stewart 12. Traditional Music and Storytelling Jesse Wells Henry Glassies notes from interview with Jesse Wells. Digitized from microfilm. Available from NYSHA Library. 13. Heritage of Hard Work: HOPS documentation Jesse Wells discussing hops (1964) 14. Heritage of Hard Work: The Adirondack Packbasket video Richard Axt project 15. Fieldwork outside the classroom:Dorothy Dew Shonsey filming squaredancing, Milford, NY, 1976 16. Fieldwork outside the classroom CGP Folk students documenting a music festival in Ferrum, VA, 1976. CGP Slide Collection 17. Priority of PreservationDigital reformatting team: CGP SUNY-Oneonta National Baseball Hall of FameNBHoF digital mediaworkstation, Oct. 2006 18. Preservation 19. (back to the) Future 1. Rights & Access- New policies & initiatives for folk collections 20. (back to the) Future How much data do we lose each daywhen someone presses the DELETE key?Bruce R. Buckley, 19912. Community Cataloging 21. (back to the) Future 3. Collaboration Group photo from Fife Folk Conference,1978, Logan, Utah. (Standing left to right)Hector Lee, distinguished collector of Mormonfolklore who received his doctorate in AmericanCivilization from the University of New Mexico;Barre Toelken, director of Utah StateUniversitys folklore program from 1985-2003;Jan Harold Brunvand, professor at the Universityof Utah from 1966-1996, receiving his Ph.D.from Indiana Universitys folklore program in1961; Eliot Wigginton, founder of Foxfirecurriculum and publisher of Foxfire magazine;Austin Fife, French and literature professor atUtah State University who studied Mormonfolklore; (kneeling left to right) William A.Wilson, president of the Utah Folklore Societyand editor of Western Folklore journal; BruceBuckley; and Wayland Hand, founder anddirector of the Comparative Folklore andMythology program at UCLA. Photo courtesy ofUtah State University, Special Collection andArchives. Photo courtesy of Utah StateUniversity, Special Collections and Archives. 22. Contact information & links: E-mail: ryan.anthony.donaldson@gmail.comDiane Eller with farmer holding CGP Archives on flickr:scales, 1969. ANYSF #68-0008, NYSHA Library. quot;The Archive of New York State Folklife : A Narrative History and Assessmentquot; National Baseball Hall of Fame-NYSHA Library, URL: 23. * Special Thanks ** Mona Buckley Florence and John Carnahan Pam Cooley, NYS Archives * Benjamin Harry, NBHoF* Anne McFarland, NBHoF * Stephen Miller, Instructional Services, SUNY-Oneonta * John Potocnik* Cathy Raddatz, CGP * Gretchen Sorin, CGP* Milo V. Stewart, CGP & NYSHA* Dan Ward, CGP* Lori Beth White, CGP* Randy Williams, Utah State University* Wayne Wright, NYSHA Library