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  • STaR Chart

  • What is STaR Chart?Why do we need this?What do I have to do?What does current data show?What does this mean now?Conclusion

  • STaR chart is a tool to assess the technology in the four key areas of the Texas Long Range Plan for Technology

    Designed to help teachers, campuses and districts track progress toward meeting district goals as well as Texas Long Range Plan for Technology goals

  • Key areas: Teaching and LearningEducator Preparation and DevelopmentLeadership Administration and Instructional SupportInfrastructure for Technology

  • NCLB mandates that all students will be technology literate by the end of 8th grade. NCLB mandates that all teachers must be technology literate.

  • SBOE mandates that all enrichment TEKS will be taught (technology included)SBEC now requires technology competencies of all beginning teachers. Technology applications textbooks are now available for adoption.

  • At the beginning of each year every teacher will take an online survey. Thats it!

  • Click here to see our campus data.







    Max Score


    CurrentMax Score

    Teaching & Learning159

    Educator Prep & Develop1212

    Leadership, Admin & Instruc. Support177

    Infrastructure for Tech186

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  • Infrastructure Technology is our definite strengthEducator Preparation and Development is our challenge area

  • It means that we are on our road to improved technology!Our campus and district (and now teachers) know where we stand for the CIP and DIPContinue to improve your technology skills.

  • Our district and campus are reviewing data yearly from the STaR ChartYou will complete a survey ONCE a yearOur growing population consists of technologically advanced students!Our campus is doing well thanks to teacher data!