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    • Classroom Language
    • ByChristine Wang

2. Good morning! Class. How are you today? 3. Stand up,please. Turn around,please. 4. Don't climb. Walk,please. 5. You are number one. Very good. Well done. Excellent. Perfect. 6. Go through. Watch out Go outsude. Look out the window. In. Stuck. 7. Thumb up! 8. Take off your hat. 9. Don't fight. Clean up. Clean your face. 10. Don't fall down. Rise your hand. Be careful! 11. Come out,please! Touch the wall. 12. Look at your book. 13. No food in class. 14. Don't shout. Don't yell. Hold it with your two hands. Open your mouth. 15. Don't be sad. Don't be frustrate. Pardon. 16. Don't peek. No cheating. 17. Line up. 18. Don't push. Be gentle. 19. Close your eyes. Hide your eyes. 20. Show me your two hands. Show me a rectangle. 21. Don't putyour head on the desk. Upside down. Straight up your legs. Thank you very much. 22. Cheers