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Chronic malnutrition

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    2014 BATCH


    Malnutrition is defined as a pathological state caused due to a relative or absolute deficiency (or excess) of one or more nutrients.

    Chronic malnutrition is defined as a form of growth failure that causes both physical and cognitive delays in growth and development.

  • Causes of malnutrition

    Immediate determinants: They work at the individual level and include low birth weight, illnesses and inadequate dietary intake

    Underlying determinants: The immediate determinants are in turn influenced by three household determinants namely food , health and care.

    Basic determinants: Finally the underlying determinants are influenced by the basic determinants. These include the socioeconomic status and educational qualification of families , women empowerment ,cultural taboos regarding food and health , access to safe water and sanitation etc

  • Indicator Interpretation Comment

    Stunting Low height for age Indicator of chronic malnutrition(result of prolonged food deprivation and / or illness or disease

    Wasting Low weight for height Acute malnutrition (result of more recent food deficit or illness)

    Under weight Low weight for age Combined indicator

  • Clinical signs of malnutrition

    Hairs Eye Lips Tongue Gums Skin Nails etc

  • Preventive and social measures

    Since malnutrition is the outcome of several factors the problem can only be solved by taking actions simultaneously at various levels:

    Family level Community level National level